Give Your Chemically-Treated Tresses Some Hair Food Give Your Chemically-Treated Tresses Some Hair Food

Give Your Chemically-Treated Tresses Some Hair Food

We all know that chemical treatments such as straightening, perming, colouring and more can do a wonderful job of giving you a new look. However, these chemical treatments also cause tremendous harm to your hair if not handled well. Unfortunately, chemical treatment of any kind weakens the structure of your hair, makes your hair dry, brittle and fragile after a certain point. To combat the same, chemically-treated hair needs extra care, gentle handling and lots of attention. Don’t worry as we’re here with a list of hair care tips that will keep your chemically-treated locks healthy and shiny all the time.

• Select the right product

If your hair has already been weakened by chemical treatments, you need to ensure that the shampoo you have included in your hair care routine is not aggravating the damage. Ordinary products usually have a drying effect, which can damage your hair further. Replace your shampoo with the Garnier Fructis Repairing Papaya Hair Food Natural Shampoo that is vegan, silicone-free and dermatologically tested to feed and restore damaged hair. Papaya for hair can have positive effects by helping your scalp produce sebum that nourishes, strengthens, and protects your hair. But make sure that you do not over wash your hair as this can strip off the natural moisture of your hair, leaving it dry. Moreover, avoid hot showers.

• Don’t skip the conditioner

Whenever you take a hair wash, avoid skipping the conditioner.  Try the Garnier Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair Food Natural Conditioner that contains numerous benefits of bananas such as synthesizing collagen, making your hair stronger, thicker and healing the flaky scalp. Banana for hair also helps to relieve dandruff symptoms.

• Handle with care

When your hair is chemically straightened, coloured, or wet, it can become extremely fragile and snap easily. Avoid brushing your strands when they are still damp. To sort any knots, use a wide-toothed comb and start from the bottom. An easy way to feed, soften and detangle your hair is to use the Garnier Aloe Vera Hair Food range. Using aloe vera for hair helps to impart shine to your mane with ease.

• Pamper your hair

Using a deep conditioning hair mask for dry hair, twice a week, will be extremely helpful for your chemically-treated hair. This helps to maintain the moisture of your hair, and reduces frizz, breakage and reveals healthier, shinier, and softer hair. Try the Garnier Fructis Smoothing Macadamia Hair Food Mask to give your hair all the love it needs.

• Protect from the sun

Sun exposure can take a toll on your chemically-treated hair as it is particularly at the risk of being weakened in this way. To avoid the drying effects of UV rays, keep your hair tied when you step out of the house. Use a hair serum, a hat, or even a scarf when exposed to sunlight for long periods.

• Trim regularly

Chemically-treated hair is prone to developing split ends and breakage. Schedule regular haircuts or trims to get rid of dull and dry ends that chemicals tend to cause by stripping away the moisture from the hair. Doing so once in two months will not only keep you away from dead tips but also keep your hair looking and feeling smooth and healthy.

Explore our wide range of Garnier Hair Food products and follow these simple hair care tips to ensure luscious, silky tresses that will be the talk of the town.