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Karva Chauth Hairstyles | Karva Chauth 2022

Karva Chauth 2022 is right around the corner and this is the perfect opportunity for you to slay in style. From your outfit, makeup to your hair, you would everything to be on point. On this occasion, every lady decks up exceptionally well and wants to stand out from the rest. And while you might have finalised your Karva Chauth outfit and makeup already, we’re here with some hair inspo to help you amp up your hairdo too? Not sure how to get ready for Karva Chauth or looking for some last-minute ideas? Don’t worry as we’re here to help you with the hair department. Here are some easy yet creative Karva Chauth special hairstyles that are sure to score you a never-ending stream of compliments this festive season. Read ahead to know more.

Karva Chauth Hairstyles

1. Messy bun

The oh-so-trendy messy bun is a great way to take your Karva Chauth hairstyle up a notch effortlessly. The best part is that the messy bun can be created anywhere and anytime and there’s hardly anything that you need to do. To achieve the perfect Karva Chauth special hairstyle, gather all your hair and tie it up at your crown. Don’t run behind perfecting it and pull out a few strands from the front.

2. Braid

Nothing feels better and prettier than a traditional braid. The braid is a great match for any Karva Chauth outfit from saree to salwar kameez and everything it between as it helps to enhance your ethnic look on the go. This Karva Chauth hairstyle will not only keep your strands looking stylish but also avoid your hair from falling on your face during the pooja. For the perfect finish and to control frizz, hydrate your strands with a leave-in conditioner before you start styling.

3. Loose curls

Want to leave your hair loose? The loose curls are your go-to hairstyle for this Karva Chauth. To create this Karva Chauth hairstyle, grab your hair rollers and start rolling from your forehead while combing through the section of your hair as wide as the roller. Don’t take more than two inches of thick hair and place the hair roller at the end of your hair. Roll towards the scalp and use roller pins to secure your hair. After a while, let your hair loose and flaunt heatless curls with ease. Follow it up with a strengthening serum.

4. Banded ponytail

The banded ponytail is the cutest hairstyle of all. A simple way to create this Karva Chauth hairstyle is by brushing up the hair into a high pony and then making the second pony lower on the scalp. Attach the two and follow the same process once more until you have three to four ponies connected by a bubble of hair. Add rubber bands in gaps of a few inches till the time you reach the end of your hair.

5. Top knot

When in doubt, go for the top knot. Opting for this hairstyle on Karva Chauth will keep the hair off your face while also making you look elegant. This is the perfect pick if you want to elevate your facial features instantly, make your jawline look sharp and chiselled, and your cheekbones pop. Before starting, shampoo your scalp well and use a nourishing hair conditioner to avoid any tangles. Once done, all you need to do is flip your head over and brush it into a high ponytail. Then, roll your hair and tie it into a neat, lifted bun. Secure small hair strands with a bobby pin.

Keep the above-mentioned Karva Chauth hairstyles in mind and browse through a wide range of Garnier hair care products to flaunt healthy-looking hair with ease.