How to Color Dark Hair Without Bleaching How to Color Dark Hair Without Bleaching

How to Color Dark Hair Without Bleaching

Are you one of those people who loves admiring people will different hair colours, but you are too afraid to experiment with your own hair? It becomes evern more tricky if you have dark hair. We all know how difficult colouring dark hair is, especially without bleaching it. And we all know how damaging it is to lighten your hair with bleach. Bleaching your hair damages your tresses and makes them super dull and dry. So what should you do? We are here with a list of ideas that will help you achieve your dream hair colour without bleaching. Want to know more? Keep on reading!

1. Auburn

If you are looking to add a touch of warmth and youthfulness to your look, auburn is the best no bleach hair colour. It pairs beautifully on naturally dark hair. Colouring dark hair with auburn hair colour gives it a beautiful reddish-brown hue. It livens up the hair and adds dimension to it. You can mix brown hair colour and red hair colour in equal quantities to create the perfect shade if auburn.

2. Burgundy

If you are a fan of red hues with purple tones, burgundy hair colour is perfect for you! Burgundy shade is especially apt as it is a no bleach hair colour. This hair colour has a wine like hue to it that glistens in sunlight. It completely transforms your look and gives you a super unique hair colour. While opting for burgundy hair colour without bleaching a balayage or a dip dye will really look good on dark hair. If you want something more bold, you can do a global hair colour look with burgundy.

3. Caramel brown

Shades of brown are perfect to achieve lighter looking hair, without bleaching them. They give body to your hair and amplify your overall appearance. However, if you are looking to opt for a no bleach hair colour, which reduces the darkness of your hair, caramel brown hair colour is your pick! This hair colour adds hints of golden and brown to your hair without looking too yellow or orange. Caramel brown hair colour without bleaching looks especially good on people with fair to medium skin tones.

4. Chocolate brown

Not looking to lighten your hair? Hues of chocolate brown hair colour are perfect for you! This is one of the most common shades that people choose when opting for hair colour without bleaching and for all the right reasons. Adding different shades of brown adds volume and depth to your hair! It is also a hair colour that is super easy to maintain. It is a subtle change from jet black hair to different tones of brown. For the perfect chocolate brown hair colour, you can apply a mix of dark brown hair colour and light brown hair colour to your tresses. Alternate between the two colours to create a beautiful blend of chocolate tones!

5. Golden brown

Want to add golden tones to your hair without bleaching them? Opt for a ready-to-use golden brown hair colour for that sunkissed look. Golden brown hair colour creates a beautiful amalgamation of lightness and darkness to your tresses. It adds body to your hair and gives it dimension as well. Golden brown hair colour is the lightest no bleach hair colour you can choose. The yellow undertone pairs well with all skin tones and amps up your tresses.

Are you also tempted to colour your hair? Opt for a shade of hair colour without bleaching your tresses and minimize the damage. You can opt for nourishing hair colours from Garnier’s wide catalogue. They have several shades of black, brown, burgundy and red hair color family that will completely transform your hair!