Here's How You Can Pick the perfect shade of brown for you!

Color your hair with the colors of the rainbow sounds cool, but this cannot be your go-to style each time you get your hair coloured. Once in a while, we all want to steer back to the basics. This is when different shades of brown hair colour come to our rescue. It may be considered as a basic hair colouring option, but shades of natural brown hair colour add a different charm to your look. No more is brown a boring colouring option, as the various Garnier Colour Naturals brown shades offer you a wide range of options. So, let’s explore these hair colors and pick one that suits you the best.

  1. A subtle hint of brunetteIf you are someone who is colouring their hair for the first time, this is the perfect shade of natural brown colour for you. A basic dark brown colour adds just the right amount of warmth to your hair. This is a low maintenance colour that makes your tresses appear luscious and full of life. The best part about this shade is that it is flattering for most skin tones. Pick the Shade 3 Darkest Brown from the Garnier Colour Naturals brown shades. It gives your hair a perfect shade of deep yet vibrant brown. What’s more this Garnier hair colour price starts from INR 49, making it super pocket friendly.
  2. Touch of goldenIf natural brown colour is a little too plain jane for you, then it is time to add a touch of gold to it. Golden brown hair colour is sure to add a touch of elegance to your hair. It warms up your hair perfectly and gives you a glam look. Golden brown tones are perfect for people with cool undertones. It is best suited for people with fair to wheat-ish skin tones. Shade 7.3 Golden Brown from the Garnier Colour Naturals brown shades can be an idealpick if you want to opt for golden brown hair colour. It adds the right amount of golden tones to your hair without looking too brassy. The formula of this hair colour range is enriched with 3 essential oils – olive, almond and avocado, giving you a beautiful light brown hair colour without leaving your hair dry and frizzy.
  3. Tones of light brownIf you love a lighter hair colour but are afraid of bleaching your hair this is the perfect hair colour choice for you. Light natural brown hair colour adds brightness to your entire persona. With dark hair colour as a base, this shade of light brown pops even more. It creates a beautiful blend of lighter tones of brown that highly flatter people with dusky skin tone. If your goal is to add a pop to your look without making a drastic change, go for the Shade 5 Light Brown from the family of Garnier Colour Naturals brown shades. It gives your strands a light brownish shade that adds slight warmth to your look. The light brown hair colour price starts at only INR 49, which makes it ultra-affordable.
  4. Blend of caramelThis shade of brown hair colour has to be a fan favourite. Caramel brown shades are super flattering and create a beautiful blend. It is a perfect shade to opt for if you want a balayage pattern. It adds sophistication to your entire ensemble and creates a sun-kissed look. The Garnier 5.32 Caramel brown shade adds the perfect hue of caramel to your hair. 

With these different brown shade options, you can pick the perfect one to go with your mood and look. You can use the Garnier Virtual Try On to try out different hair colours from the comfort of your own home.

Product Name Price (Rs.)
Black Naturals Shade 4 Natural Brown 40gm 39
Garnier Color Naturals Sachet Shade 3 Darkest Brown 30ml + 30g 49
Garnier Color Naturals Sachet Shade 4 Brown 30ml + 30g 49
Garnier Color Naturals Sachet Shade 5.32 Caramel Brown 30ml + 30g 49
Garnier Color Naturals Sachet Shade 7.3 Golden Brown 30ml + 30g 49
Color Naturals Shade 3 Darkest Brown 70ml + 60g 180
Color Naturals Shade 4 Brown 70ml + 60g 180
Color Naturals Shade 5.32 Caramel Brown 70ml + 60g 180
Color Naturals Shade 5 Light Brown 70ml + 60g 180
Color Naturals Color Ready Kit - Shade 3 Darkest Brown 70ml + 60g 299
Color Naturals Color Ready Kit - Shade 4 Brown 70ml + 60g 299
Garnier Men Shampoo Hair Color Shade 3.0 Brown Black 10ml 39