Causes of Split Ends Causes of Split Ends

Causes of Split Ends

Reasons For Split Ends In Hair And How To Prevent Them.

Split ends occur when the ends of your hair (the oldest part of the hair shaft) become weak and lose their protective barrier. As a result, you end up getting grass-like hair ends. But have you ever wondered why your hair becomes weak and causes split ends? We know the reasons aka the primary causes of split ends, and the solutions. So, walk with us to know what causes split ends in hair and how to prevent them.

Identify the causes of split ends from the below-mentioned list to help maintain healthy hair ends:

Excessive usage of heat styling tools

Hair styling tools undoubtedly give you the desired hairstyles but using them regularly can unknowingly pave the way for split ends. Hair styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, etc. can take away all the moisture present naturally in your hair and continued usage can lead to damaged, dehydrated tresses, causing split ends. So, try to limit or avoid using hair styling tools as much as you can.

Chemical treatment

Wondering what causes split ends in the hair? Maybe you can take a look at your frequent salon visits for chemical or colour treatments. During a colour treatment, various chemicals are applied to your tresses that deplete and soak away the hair’s natural moisture, weakening cuticles and leading to dry hair that is prone to splitting. Try to maintain a time gap between your colour treatment and use hair colours without any side effects.

Over-washing your hair

It’s true that taking care of your hair and indulging in a thorough hair care routine is essential to maintain optimal hair health. However, over-indulge in the hair care routine can do more harm than good. How, you ask? Over-washing your hair is one of the causes of split ends as it disturbs the moisture balance in your hair, leading to dryness and ultimately split ends. As a best practice, shampoo and condition your hair twice or thrice a week with dedicated anti-split end shampoo and conditioner.

Over brushing

Next in the list of primary causes of split ends is over-brushing your hair. Yes, you read it right. Just like over-washing damages your hair, over-brushing (when it is dry) can cause breakage and damage, causing split ends. So, brush your hair gently and preferably once or twice a day. If you have tangled hair, use an anti-split end hair serum first to detangle unruly hair and then comb it gently. When you start using a dedicated hair serum to detangle your hair, you will slowly feel a lesser need to comb your hair frequently to maintain an optimal hair health.   

Towel drying

This is one of those reasons for split ends in hair that almost feel like a myth but is actually true. The way you towel-dry your hair can also lead to unruly, frizzy and weak ends. When you apply excessive force while towel-drying your hair, it creates friction in hair that can harm the cuticle structure and damage the hair shaft. As a result, you experience split ends in your hair. Solution - use a microfibre towel gently to prevent damage and split ends. 

Using inappropriate hair styling accessories

That tight, sleek ponytail or buns sure looks classy and elegant, but the elastic rubber bands and hair pins that you used to create them can cause of split ends. When you tie your hair with a rubber band, the product exerts friction on the hair strand, ultimately damaging it. Moreover, frequent pulling and tugging of hair strands put pressure on your hair roots, causing the detachment of hair strands from the roots. To prevent any further damage, switch to silk scrunchies and hair accessories that don’t pull on your hair. Additionally, opt for loose hairstyles to avoid putting pressure on your hair strands and prevent split ends.

Now that you know the causes of split ends, you can carefully curate your haircare routine and take the best action to prevent it. And browse through our wide range of Garnier hair care products to say no to split ends and other hair concerns.