How to use hair color without any side effects How to use hair color without any side effects

How To Color Hair Without Damage

Coloring your hair is a great way of expressing yourself and changing your look. It is fun and exciting to color your hair from time to time. However, this can also have some repercussions on your hair. Some hair colors are formulated using harmful chemicals and constant exposure to them can damage your hair. But this doesn’t have to mean that you stop coloring your hair and experimenting. We are with a couple of hair coloring alternatives, that won’t damage your hair and also help in nourishing it.

1. Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Hair colors are broadly divided into two categories of permanent and semi-permanent. Permanent hair color penetrates completely through the shaft of your hair. Whereas, non-permanent hair color just coats the hair shaft and penetrates slightly. Since semi permanent hair color simply coats the strand of your hair, it results in lesser damage. If you are someone who colors their hair to cover their greys, this type of hair color is perfect for you. Even with regular usage, non-permanent hair color doesn’t damage your hair as much as permanent hair color.

A great option for semi permanent hair color is the Garnier Men Shampoo Color Range. This range helps you cover 100% of your greys and gives you natural looking coverage. If you have colored your hair in the past, this hair color range is a great option for you to retouch your color. Enriched with the goodness of argan oil and coffee extracts, this range gives rich and vibrant color that lasts up to five weeks.

2. Ammonia Free Color

If you’ve shied away from coloring your hair due to damage from ammonia, this is your perfect solution. Ammonia is an ingredient that opens up your hair’s cuticles during the coloring process and makes them more absorbent. However, the biggest con of using colors formulated with ammonia is that it lightens your natural hair color gradually. This will result in premature greying of hair due to loss of natural melanin. Using a no ammonia hair color reduces damage to your hair drastically. Most ammonia-free hair colors last longer than colors formulated with ammonia.

One of the best hair colors without ammonia is the Garnier Black Naturals range. This range has a no ammonia creme formula that gives your beautiful looking colored hair in just 15 minutes. The varied shades of this no ammonia hair color range are great if you are a beginner at coloring your hair. You can choose from natural looking hair colors that will pack a punch, but still look subdued.

3. Nourishing hair colors

Several hair colors are formulated using nourishing oils and other enriching ingredients. These nourishing hair colors reduce damage while coloring your hair as they nurture your hair as you color it. The oils in these nourishing hair colors help you retain the moisture of your hair and maintain its shine and smoothness.

The Garnier Color Naturals Range helps you nourish your hair while coloring it. This range is formulated using the goodness of three essential oils - olive, almond, and avocado. These oils reduce the dryness and damage to your hair. An additional bonus with this range is that is a no ammonia hair color. You can experiment with different hair colors with the several shades this range has to offer.

4. Avoid bleaching your hair

If you want to color your hair in an eccentric color, it becomes imperative to bleach your hair, especially if you have darker hair. Bleaching your hair damages it by weakening the hair strand and also getting rid of your hairs natural melanin. This often leads to premature greying and breakage of hair. A great tip to avoid bleaching your hair is to choose hair color options that are more natural looking. You can color your hair in several shades of brown, red, burgundy or black hair color. With a wide range of color options, you can experiment with different hair colors without damaging your hair.

If you’re unsure of which hair color will suit you, we have something that will help you choose. With the Garnier Virtual Try On tool, you can try different hair color shades from your home. This feature lets you virtually try different shades of hair color and also assist you with shade and tone selection. So, what are you waiting for? Go try this tool and pick your next hair color now!