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3 Types Of Acne In Men and Ways To Deal With Them

Acne is a very common skin condition for most people and can appear anywhere on the body. This happens when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Depending on the severity, acne can scar the skin and cause emotional distress. And yes, pimples are not only a hassle for teenagers or women but haunts men. Honestly, there’s no need to panic as there are several ways to prevent these zits and look after them. However, before you guys start the acne treatment, it is crucial for you to understand the type of acne you are suffering from. So, today we’re here to discuss the types of acne in men and ways to deal with them to keep your skin feeling soft, supple, and blemish-free all the time.

Types of acne

  1. Forehead acne
    Development of acne on a person’s forehead is common. It’s your skin’s oils causing the problem as your forehead tends to be an area where the skin gets naturally oily. Many factors influence the increase the amount of sebum produced by your body and this sebum triggers the growth of acne and pimples. Some common factors that lead to forehead acne are hormonal changes, strong medications, and hair products that contain lots of chemicals, lack of hygiene, etc.
  2. Beard acne
    A well-groomed beard can surely level up your grooming game but having to deal with beard acne is something nobody enjoys. These are the boils that develop inside or underneath your facial hair or beard. Pimples in your beard can be very frustrating, and not to forget painful, which stand out even more if you have less facial hair. It can be caused due to bacterial infection or ingrown hair where your hair gets trapped underneath your skin due to curling back into the skin, which further leads to inflammation. And yes, if it’s due to the bacteria, then your beard acne may also have some pus in the bumps. Either way, this type of acne can lead to serious itching!
  3. Maskne
    In these times of ‘new normal’, masks have become an integral part of our daily routine. While it protects us from coming in contact with any infections or germs, our skin may not be too excited to wear one, and acts out via ‘maskne’. What is maskne? It's a portmanteau of ‘mask’ and ‘acne.’ It is a common side effect of using a mask and may also result in skin issues such as redness, irritation, bumps, dermatitis, and folliculitis. This happens due to pressure, occlusion and friction.

Anti-acne treatment for men

Now that you are aware of the various types of acne you can potentially suffer from, let us tell you how you can get rid of any of them with ease:

  • Wash effectively
    Acne is a result of excess oil, dirt, dust and sweat. Hence, it is important to get rid of impurities from the skin by washing it regularly and effectively. You can opt for the anti-pimple face wash for men that will help to clean your skin deeply while fighting various signs of acne. This facewash has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe red, irritated skin, brighten the skin, and lighten blemishes, which makes it one of the best face washes for oily skin. However, you should be mindful of the number of times you wash your face. Washing more than two times a day may cause the skin to become dry and aggravate pimples. Additionally, use a gentle cloth or cotton pad while cleaning your skin’s surface.
  • Moisturise regularly
    Most people have this misconception that moisturising the skin may leave it feeling oily, which may lead to acne. Wrong! Regardless of your skin type, using a moisturiser is non-negotiable. Regular moisturisation keeps the skin hydrated and prevents it from feeling dry or dull. Try the all-in-one anti-acne cream that is made of a double-action formula to give you visibly clean and clear skin by fighting pimple-causing bacteria, drying out pimples and reducing redness.
  • Popping pimples is a big NO
    Squeezing, popping, or even touching your acne may sound tempting, but this can trigger inflammation, infection, and scarring, making it worse. Looking for an anti-spot treatment to reduce the appearance of your blemishes? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. You can go for the pimple clearing pen that will help soothe redness, reduce the size of acne, and give you visible results in just a few hours.

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