A 4-Step Guide To Cover Your Greys & Achieve Natural Hair Color At Home

Hair colouring is fun, is one of the easiest ways to level up your hair game and give yourself a mini makeover with ease. Now, between all the meetings, work calls and household chores, it can be difficult for you to take out a few hours to visit the salon and get your hair coloured professionally. But why head out when you can easily colour your hair at home? With a little know-how and willingness to follow instructions, colouring your hair can become much easier than you think, even if you’ve never done it before. We’re here with a stepwise guide to colour your hair at home, cover greys in minutes and achieve the natural hair colour effortlessly.

  1. Pre-colour prep Always apply black hair colour or any other colour in the bathroom. Bathroom surfaces are resistant, and any spills can be cleaned up without much hassle. Before you begin, make sure that you change into an old shirt that you don’t care about getting stained and cover the floor with old towels. Also, drape an old towel over your shoulders and secure it with a clip. Gather all your tools on the bathroom counter including your hair colour, clips to section the hair, a comb, and anything else that you feel is required. Put on gloves so that you do not stain your hands even if things happen to get messy. For best results, apply the hair colour on dry, unwashed hair.
  2. Do a strand test Before colouring your whole head, you must test the colour to make sure that you don’t have allergies or a negative reaction. Pick a small section of your hair at the nape of your neck and apply the black hair colour for the time listed on the box and see if your skin becomes irritated. This is also a great way to understand what the colour will look like and make sure that you are happy with the results.
  3. It’s time to colour To begin the process, part your hair down from the middle and create four sections from ear to ear and down the back. Use hair clips to secure each section. Investing time to create sections will give you greater accuracy when applying colour. Then, it’s showtime. The Garnier black hair colour has a 3-step easy application process -

Step 1 – Mix the colourant and the developer in a non-metallic bowl

Step 2 – Apply the Garnier hair colour black directly to the roots 

Step 3 – Spread the Natural Black Colour evenly over the root area and leave it on for 15-30 minutes

Rinse and condition

  • For full head application

Rinse your hair thoroughly with water. Use your hands to separate sections and detangle your hair. Once the water starts running completely clear, apply some conditioner to your hair. A hair conditioner helps form a protective barrier and prevents your colour from fading quickly. Avoiding this step can make your strands prone to breakage and dry hair, which can lead to damage. Garnier Natural Black Colour. Once conditioning is done, towel dry your hair and you are all set to rock your black hair colour with confidence.

The Garnier black hair colour comes in avariety of shades such as Original Black, Deep Black, and Brown Black that you can choose from. Not sure of the shade? Try the Garnier Virtual Try-On tool to find your perfect shade of black. Available in sachets and kits, these hair colours ensure a hassle-free at-home hair colouring experience. The Garnier black colour price starts at Rs. 39 per sachet and the Garnier Colour Naturals Black Price (kit) starts from Rs. 180 only. Additionally, the Garnier hair colour is enriched with strengthening and nourishing almond oil that protects the health of your strands, making it one of the best black hair colours

Follow this simple yet effective stepwise guide and browse through a wide range of Garnier hair colouring products to look the best from the rest.

Product Name Price (Rs.)
Black Naturals Shade 1 Deep Black 40gm 42
Garnier Color Naturals Sachet Shade 1 Natural Black 30ml + 30g 49
Color Naturals Shade 1 Natural black 70ml + 60g 200
Color Naturals Color Ready Kit - Shade 1 Natural Black 70ml + 60g 299
Garnier Men Shampoo Hair Color Shade 1.0 Natural Black 10ml 39
Garnier Men Shampoo Hair Color Shade 3.0 Brown Black 10ml 39
Black Naturals Shade 3 Brown Black 40gm 42