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Men’s skincare routine to prevent acne, pimples in summer

While we cannot get enough kicks out of summer, the season also paves the way for pimples, acne, oily skin, and blackheads. The more time you spend outside, the worse things seem to get for your skin.

Men tend to have a thicker skin that is prone to produce oil. As the sweltering heat sets in, their already thick skin goes into overdrive and produces excessive sebum, turning oily. This excess oil blocks pores and leads to pimples and acne issues that trouble you through summers. This is why having a summer skincare with acne-fighting products routine in place is very important - especially for men. Tending to your skin properly, using effective Acno Fight products are one of the few ways to maintain perfect skin while making the most out of this season.

Other than oily skin problems, the heat often has us covered in sweat. The dusty, polluted summer air adds to these issues and invites pimple-causing bacteria to take over your skin. This is why you must follow an effective Acno Fight skincare routine to look your best self.

Summer Skin care with Garnier men Acno Fight


Cleansing, naturally, is the most essential step of getting clear skin during summers. While most of you might be practising this step, using the right Acno Fight products is what makes all the difference. A simple soap and water routine might not help you battle acne in hot summers.

You might wake up on warm mornings with excessively oily skin, or come back home with a layer of sweat and pollutants. This is when a gentle but deep cleanse helps you clear out all impurities stuck in your pores to get a clean skin. Using effective cleansers like Garnier Men Acno Fight can help remove excess oil and impurities from the skin, reducing the chances of acne and pimples. Clogged pores also bring about black heads in summer. Keeping your skin clean helps you prevent the snowball effects of these problems.

With salicylic acid and herba repair, the Garnier Men Acno Fight face wash helps you get rid of pimple-causing bacteria with an anti-inflammatory formula. The Garnier Acno Fight also uproots blackheads, giving you a clear and even skin. While being effective, the Garnier Men Acno Fight soothes redness and goes gentle on sensitive skin. The oil-control properties of Acno Fight face wash helps you get a fresh, oil-free skin through the day. As a part of your night-time routine, the Garnier Men Acno Fight face wash helps you battle the sweat and dust clogging your pores, fighting off six signs of acne. Making summers marginally easier, the Garnier Acno Fight does all the work for your skin while you beat the heat.


Exfoliation comes next. This step, even when practised twice a week, will help you eliminate dead skin cells from your skin. Exfoliating helps you further reduce dark spots and unclog pores. Use a gentle exfoliator to scrub off the impurities. If you want to skip on this step altogether, invest in an Acno Fight cleanser that does the work of an exfoliator too. The Garnier Acno Fight has microbeads that uproot blackheads and unclog pores, preventing pimple-causing bacteria from thriving. Battling six signs of acne, the Acno Fight face wash delivers a smooth, oil free skin in summers.


If shaving is your go-to routine, you must get to it after cleansing. Cleansing preps your skin for a smoother shave and prevents any cuts or scabs. Cleansing and exfoliation also soften your hair and open your pores to give you an easy shave. Getting an even skin with the Acno Fight face wash helps the morning shave go smoother, especially in summers. Use a gentle foam to make sure that you don’t dry out your skin. Shaving can be harsh on acne-prone skin. Ensure that you hydrate your skin after using a sharp razor. If you’re already gearing up for a no shave season, use beard oil after using an Acno Fight moisturiser.


Hydration gets tricky when you have oily and acne prone skin. This men’s skincare step, however, still remains essential to maintain your skin barrier and replenish it after a rigorous cleansing and exfoliation routine. The wrong moisturisers tend to weigh down your skin and melt off the moment you step out, adding to your acne problems. This is why choosing the right Acno Fight moisturiser is the make or break for sensitive, acne-free skin.

Try looking for moisturisers that allow your skin to feel fresh and light, like the Garnier Men Acno Fight anti-pimple brightening cream. Fighting pimple-causing bacteria, the Garnier Acno Fight also provides long-lasting hydration without making your skin oily. The soothing properties of Acno Fight reduce redness and dry out pimples, giving you a smooth, even skin. With its light formula, the Garnier Men Acno Fight hydrates without blocking your pores, making it the perfect brightening, pimple fighting cream for summers.

Serum and Sunscreen

When following the Acno Fight summer skincare routine on mornings, try to follow it up with a very light SPF cream to avoid tanning and UV ray damage. You can also add cooling skin serums to the Acno Fight skincare and get a brightened skin that is free from dark spots.

This season, let heat not be a bother as only two Garnier Men Acno Fight products can fix all your summer skin woes. From cleansing and exfoliating to moisturising and nourishing, the Garnier Acno Fight range is designed to battle signs of acne and pimple causing bacteria. With Acno Fight, get rid of black heads, reduce oiliness, redness, pimple re-occurrence, and keep your skin summer ready!

Browse through the wide range of Garnier men’s skin brightening, anti-acne, and oil-control products and be ready with a picture perfect skin. Keep your hair rich and nourished through the heat too using Garnier hair care products such as Men’s colour shampoos and conditioners. Tune into the versatile men’s skin care tips, men’s hair care tips, and men’s hair colour tips to pull off a summer fresh look with ease. What are you waiting for? Shop now!