Create a perfect hair care routine for hair food Create a perfect hair care routine for hair food

Best Hair Care Routine To Boost Your Hair Health

A good hair care routine is imperative for having healthy and happy hair. Your hair care entails more than just washing your hair. It is about choosing the right type of products and creating a routine that provides your hair with the nutrients it needs. Once you start to abide by a hair care routine that caters to your hair type and concerns, you will notice a visible change in the quality of your hair. We are here to help you crack the code and find the best hair care routine that will help you achieve the holy trinity of soft, smooth and shiny hair.

Step 1 - Cleansing

The first step in any good hair routine is cleansing your scalp and hair. Our scalp accumulates dust, dirt and pollution, which causes build-up. This can irritate your scalp, clog your pores and lead to several hair problems. It is important to cleanse your scalp thoroughly and get rid of this build-up.
For this, you should use a shampoo that cleanses your scalp, without overly stripping your hair and we have the perfect pick for you!

The Fructis Long and Strong shampoo is an ideal product to add to your hair care routine. The dynamic fruit blend that includes lemon peel extract, essential fruit vitamins, and vital nutrients, work in harmony to help improve your hair's moisture content while delivering essential nourishment and strength to both the roots and hair fibres. Consequently, your hair gains a remarkable 5X increase in strength, effectively minimising the occurrence of breakage and split ends. Use this shampoo 2-3 times a week to cleanse your hair.

Step 2 - Conditioning

After shampooing your hair, it is important to use a smoothening conditioner. Conditioners help to smooth out your hair and make them manageable. They also add a protective layer on every strand and protect it against external aggressors. We recommend adding the Long and Strong hair conditioner in your hair care routine to provide intense nourishment to your hair. The Fructis Hair Conditioner has the vitality of active fruit concentrates, such as lemon peel extract, alongside fruit vitamins and essential nutrients. This highly potent blend guarantees that every individual hair strand receives nourishment starting from the roots, and each hair fibre is reinforced. It also adds a gorgeous shine to your hair that makes it look healthy.

Step 3 - Hair masking

Elevate your hair care routine by adding the goodness of hair masks. Hair masks are a great addition in any hair routine as they pamper your hair while nourishing them. Use a hair mask at least once a week to provide intense moisture to your hair.

Step 4 - Serum

Your hair is especially prone to breakage after a hair wash, so be gentle when detangling. Use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush, starting from the tips and work your way up to the roots. Applying a leave-in serum can make the process smoother, reducing the risk of hair damage. A hair serum benefits your hair by making it radiant and shiny. Add the Long and Strong serum to your hair care routine to make it more manageable. Enriched with nourishing avocado and grapeseed oils, this hair serum effectively detangles unruly hair, imparts a sleek texture to your hair and safeguards against hair breakage and the formation of split ends. 

Bonus Step 5 - Embrace Natural Oils

Incorporate natural oils like coconut, macadamia, or argan oil into your hair care routine. These oils can be used as leave-in treatments or as a pre-shampoo oil mask. They provide deep conditioning, help seal moisture, and add a beautiful shine to your hair.

By following these steps and customising them to your specific needs, you can achieve and maintain the lustrous, healthy hair you've always dreamed of. Get the Fructis range for yourself to build a perfect hair care routine that prevents dry hair and treats damaged hair. For further hair care assistance, browse through the wide range of Garnier hair care products and tips, and flaunt healthy hair of your dreams.