Dry hair care routine Dry hair care routine

The Ultimate Dry Hair Care Routine To Revive Your Tresses

We all deal with different hair care problems. While some struggle with hair fall, others are combatting split ends and frizz. However, the root cause behind most hair concerns seems to be dryness. Although dryness in hair is super common, it can lead to several other issues if not controlled at the right time. To tackle dryness, you will need a dedicated dry hair care routine that will help revive your tresses and give them a bouncy appearance. And we’ll help you build one with this detailed step-by-step guide.

4-Step dry hair care routine

Here’s a step-by-step hair care routine for dry hair:

Step 1: Oil your hair

This age-old practice works like a charm for dry and dehydrated hair. Oiling your hair regularly gives them the hydration it needs. Dry hair is also prone to more wear and tear and can significantly damage it. However, applying oil helps reduce friction and makes them super soft and nourished. So, kickstart your hair care routine for dry hair by massaging your scalp and strands with coconut or almond oil. This step will help create a protective layer around your strands, nourish the scalp and give it a boost of hydration.

Pro tip: You can indulge in hot oil massages once or twice a week to deeply nourish the roots and add shine to the hair.

Step 2: Use a nourishing shampoo

The next step in your dry hair routine is cleansing. Go for a shampoo enriched with active fruit concentrate. The caring formula not only moisturises and nourishes the locks but also helps you get rid of split ends caused by dryness. Use a nourishing shampoo twice or thrice a week as a part of your dry hair care routine.

Step 3: Apply a nourishing conditioner

If you have dry hair and suffer from split ends and breakage, then you must include a nourishing conditioner in your dry hair care routine. A lot of people make the grave mistake of skipping conditioning their hair after washing it. Conditioners are formulated to lock hydration, detangle the knots, and make your hair super manageable and shiny. So, after shampooing your hair, use a nourishing and long conditioner only on the lengths of your hair and rinse with cold water. This will leave you with smooth and shiny hair!

Step 4: Go for a deep-conditioning hair mask

Give your dry hair some extra TLC by adding a nourishing hair mask into your dry hair care routine. Hair masks are great for giving your tresses a boost of hydration. They lock in the moisture and make your hair super shiny and hydrated. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, hair masks help tame frizz, add shine and deeply condition your hair.

Pro tip: Use a deep conditioning hair mask twice a week for maximum benefits and hydration.

Step 5: Lock the moisture in with serum

This step is a crucial part of every hair care routine for dry hair. Serums help detangle your hair, add a protective layer and also lock in hydration for a longer period. If you are suffering from hair woes like split ends (due to hair dryness), you can use anti-split-end hair serum. Just a few drops of serum will help your hair look manageable and bouncy.

Following a thorough dry hair care routine and using dedicated products for dry hair is essential to supply your mane with the hydration it needs. It also helps combat any future dryness and nourishes your hair from deep within. Need more assistance with hair care? Keep browsing the Garnier hair care products and hair care tips to flaunt healthy, bouncy, and manageable hair.