types of hair colors for men types of hair colors for men

types of hair colors for men

Whatever your hair colour need be, companies have a specific hair colour type to meet your needs. If you want to change your hair colour, experiment with different colours or simply cover your greys there is a men’s hair colour out there. Every type of hair colour is suitable for a certain hair goal and type. Let’s deep dive into the types of hair colours for men available in the market and help you find one that you need.

1. Semi permanent hair colour

Semi permanent hair colours are perfect if you are new to the hair colouring space and want to try out certain hair colours for a few weeks. A semi permanent hair colour doesn’t penetrate into the shafts of your hair and coats it from the outside. This results in loss of hair colour every time you wash it. The best part about semi permanent hair colour is that it lightens over time and saves you the hassle of going for root touch-ups. This type of hair colour for men is perfect if your goal is to try different hair colours. Semi permanent hair colours last on your hair for a good six to eight weeks and ensure great coverage.

The Garnier Color Naturals range is enriched with three essential oils - olive, almond and avocado oil. This ammonia free hair colour leaves your hair looking shiny, silky and nourished. This hair colour has a superior colour lock technology that gives you rich colour that lasts up to eight weeks. This technology ensures that you lose very minimal colour after every wash, making it last longer. This hair colour range is available in several shades of browns, reds and black. This helps you experiment with different shades and choose the one that best suits you!

2. Permanent hair colour

If you are looking to cover your greys and a colour that doesn’t fade, permanent hair colours are the type you should choose. Permanent hair colours are applied usually in the form of a cream that completely penetrates into the shafts of your hair. Molecules of the hair colour combine with the natural pigment of your hair and colour your hair for a prolonged period of time. Permanent colour doesn’t wash off from your hair after multiple washes and is very easy to maintain. You simply need to touch up your roots from time to time as the lengths of your hair are already coloured. Permanent hair colour is the best option when you want to cover your grey hair without worrying about too much upkeep.

The Garnier Black Naturals range is one of the best hair colours for men as it nourishes your hair while your colour it. This hair colour is an enriched crème hair colour that gives soft and shiny natural looking hair. It is an ammonia free hair colour, which is enriched with almond oil and black tea extracts to give you 5X shiny, soft and smooth hair. This hair colour is available in three shades - Deep Black, Original Black and Brown Black.

3. Shampoo Hair Colour

A shampoo colour is a great type of hair colour for men when you want to achieve a great hair colour look within minutes. Shampoo colours are very easy to use and give you natural looking hair colour. This type of hair colour requires no development time which makes it easy to apply when in need of a quick fix. The longevity of this hair colour is similar to semi permanent hair colours, as they last for around six weeks.

The Garnier Men Shampoo Colour is formulated using the goodness of argan oil and coffee extracts. The ammonia free formula comes is easy to use, which makes the hair colour application quick, convenient, and hassle-free. It covers grey hair and gives a rich and vibrant colour that lasts up to five weeks. This hair colour is available in three shades - Natural black, Burgundy and Black Brown, which gives you the option to choose a colour of your choice from three different colour families.

You can use the Garnier Virtual Try On Tool to try a hair colour before buying it. This helps you see different hair colours in real-time and make a choice about which colour suits you the best.