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Types Of Moisturisers You Need In Your Skincare Bag

Regular moisturisation is the key to maintaining healthy and hydrated skin. But how do you know which moisturiser is best for you? Choosing the right moisturiser for you may seem difficult due to the countless variants of moisturisers available in the market, but it’s not impossible. You need to understand that everyone’s skin is different and different types of moisturisers serve different purposes. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of different types of moisturisers to help you choose the best one and achieve healthy-looking skin with ease.

Face moisturisers

  • Serum cream Looking for a cream with the benefits of serum? Go for the Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum Cream UV that evens and brightens the skin by reducing dark spots, pimple spots, and reversing sun damage. Made with active ingredients such as Yuzu lemon extract and more, this moisturising cream is super lightweight and perfect for days when you don’t feel like applying a greasy product on your skin.
  • Day cream Not sure of your skin type? Try the Garnier Daily Care Moisturising Cream, an all-in-one, all-day moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Enriched with vitamin E, this hydrating moisturiser is known for its protective, antioxidant properties that quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. This is an ideal moisturiser for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or any other skin type. 
  • Winter cream Winter can cause your skin to turn dull and dry. The best way to lock in your skin’s moisture while giving it the nourishment it needs during the harsh winter is to use the Garnier Winter Cocoon Nourishing Cold Cream. This cream is rich in natural ingredients that turn dry and flaky skin in to glowing skin, which makes it one of the best moisturisers for dry skin.
  • Sun protecting cream Using an SPF is a must as over-exposure to sunlight is one of the biggest culprits of skin problems. What if we told you that you can enjoy the benefits of a moisturiser and an SPF in a single product? Try the Garnier Sun Control Moisturiser SPF 15. It is ideal for everyday wear and one of the best face moisturisers as it quickly absorbs into the skin, penetrates deep to protect your skin from the sun and gives you visible results just in a few days. Further, in order to protect your skin against skin tanning, dark spots, and sunburns, you can also try the Garnier Bright Complete Serum Cream with SPF 40 / PA+++.
  • BB cream Suffering from clogged pores due to your foundation? Try the all-in-one tinted Garnier BB cream that gives you an even-toned, brighter, healthier-looking complexion while hiding imperfections, without applying foundation. Apart from this, the BB cream also moisturises and protects the skin from the sun.
  • Night cream The night cream helps to boost collagen production and makes your skin look plumper and firmer. It also prevents signs of ageing and helps keep skin problems at bay. You can opt for the lightweight, melt-into-the-skin Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Yoghurt Night Cream that exfoliates dead cells and brightens the skin while you get your beauty sleep.
  • Body lotion Applying body moisturiser is one of the few inexpensive ways to pamper yourself. Lock and seal the moisture of your skin with the Garnier Body Cocoon Moisturising Lotion. The skin-loving ingredients of the Garnier moisturiser hydrates, softens, soothes, and restores skin's moisture from within, making it visibly smoother, softer, more supple, glowing, and full of life.

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Product Name Price (Rs.)
Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Brightening Cream 20 g 85
Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Brightening Cream 45g 165
TurboBright Anti Pollution Brightening moisturiser, 20g 79
TurboBright Anti Pollution Brightening moisturiser, 40g 149
TurboBright Anti Pollution Brightening moisturiser, 50g 249
Garnier Men Turbo Bright Super Serum Gel For Men, 30g 499