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Importance of moisturizer in men’s skincare routine

Men may have resilient and tough skin, but it does require a good skincare routine to keep it healthy. While building a skincare routine for men, it is important to keep it simple. A simple two-step routine of cleansing and using a moisturizer for men is a good starting point, and can work wonders on men’s skin. Using products tailored for men’s skin is proven to be more beneficial. While most men cleanse their skin regularly, many still skip out on using a moisturizer. However, regular use of a moisturizer benefits the skin greatly. Especially using a moisturizer for men that is formulated for men’s skin yields better results. Let’s learn about the importance of moisturizing and explore different face creams for men.

Why is moisturizing important?

Our skin loses moisture throughout the day while we’re in the shower or going about our day. This results in a lack of moisture which can speed up the ageing process. One of the best ways to avoid the appearance of fine lines on your skin is to religiously moisturize it.

Along with delaying signs of ageing, a moisturizing face cream for men also protects their skin from external aggressors. Men have larger pores which can accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria. Using a skin moisturizer for men fills the pores with nourishment and doesn’t let any dirt or dust penetrate into your skin.

It is also very important to use face moisturizer for men after you’re done shaving. Shaving results in exfoliation of your skin which makes it very sensitive. Using a face cream for men helps soothe your skin and also restore its protective barrier.
Now that we’ve established the importance of moisturizing, let’s explore some of the best face creams for men.
Moisturization + SPF

Along with cleansing and moisturizing, using SPF should be an integral part of your morning routine. Moisturizer for men formulated with sunscreen helps keep your skin healthy, delays signs of ageing and protects it from sun damage. This is why skipping on sunscreen isn’t the best option. With the Garnier Men Anti-Pollution Brightening Moisturiser, you can get the best of both worlds.
Enriched with niacinamide, the brightening properties of the face moisturizer for men helps revive tired-looking skin. This face cream for men is packed with the enriching properties of green tea and lemon, which deeply moisturizes the skin while leaving it soft and supple. It is also powered with UV protection, which keeps your skin protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

This Garnier moisturizer for men has the power of two products in one. The lightweight formula of this moisturizer melts into your skin without leaving a white cast behind. Plus, it not only moisturizes but helps in reducing dark spots and uneven skin tone, making it one of the best moisturizers for men.

To further moisturize your skin for a special occasion, you can use the Garnier XL Men’s Facemask. This men's facemask is infused with charcoal and created to perfectly fit their face with ease.

Anti-acne moisturization

If you deal with acne-prone skin, it must be difficult for you to find a perfect moisturizer to suit it. However, the Garnier Men Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Whitening Cream is here to end your struggles. This face cream for men helps you get visibly brighter skin that’s free from acne and scars. The moisturizing nature of this cream has a double-action formula that gives you a visibly fairer skin tone alongside fighting pimple-causing bacteria. This face moisturizer for men dries out pimples and reduces redness, all while leaving you feeling cool and fresh. You can achieve acne free skin and notice a visible difference from the first use, with the Garnier face cream for men. If you want something for your stubborn pimples, the Garnier Acnofight pimple clearing pen is the perfect pick for you. It is a spot treatment for men’s skin that will reduce the appearance of your pimples in just a few hours!

One extra step of moisturizing in your routine can change your skincare game for good! So, the next time you want to juice up your skin, make sure to pick one from the range of Garnier moisturizers for men.