• The Garnier men face wash range packs few of the best men’s face wash products to battle dust, dirt, pollution, and acne. The Garnier men face wash range caters to every skin type, be it stubborn and oily skin, or sensitive skin, and also men who lead an active lifestyle.
  • The Garnier Men products offer some of the best face wash for men that offer solutions to different skin problems. Face washes like Men Oil Clear Clay D - Tox, Garnier Men Turbo Bright Anti-Pollution Double Action Face Wash, and Acno Fight Anti Pimple Face Wash are designed to combat different skin troubles such as pollution, oiliness, black heads, pimples, and dullness.
  • It is ideal to use a face wash twice everyday, for both men and women. Using the face wash for men in the morning can remove the excessive oiliness and sebum from the skin, keeping you fresh through the day. Using the Garnier men face wash at night can remove all the pollution and dirt from your face, keeping it pimple free.
  • Washing your face with only water might not be the most helpful tip in the book. With increasing pollution, the dirt and impurities tend to clog pores during the day. This can lead to acne breakouts. Washing the face with only water removes surface level impurities but does not assure clean pores. This is why using a face wash for men is a sure fire way towards clear skin.
  • While men often use soap on their face, the cleansing agents present in the soap are very harsh for the skin. These can take away your skin's natural oils and disrupt the pH balance of the face, damaging your skin's barrier.
  • Even young boys in their teenage years can start using a face wash for men depending on their lifestyles. If the boys tend to lead an active, outdoorsy lifestyle everyday, then cleansing their face with men’s face wash might keep their skin from breaking out.

Which Is The Best Face Wash For Men? How To Choose The Right Face Wash?

A face wash is a must-have product for every man as it can make or break your skincare game. And even if they do understand its importance, one of the biggest hurdles most men face is how to choose the right face wash that will address their skin’s needs and concerns. This skincare staple is the first step to achieving healthy skin with ease. Today, there are a variety of cleansers in the market, with multiple ingredients and benefits, which can intimidate and confuse people regarding finding  the best face wash for men. This is where you need to keep certain things in mind, for instance, do you have oily or dry skin, or are you struggling with acne or dull skin.

Having a clear understanding of your skin type and concerns will help you select a cleanser that effectively removes dirt, oil and sweat without stripping off your skin’s natural barrier. But do you know how to pick the right face wash for your skin needs?  Don’t worry as we’ve got your back. To make things easier for you, here’s a guide on how to choose the right face wash depending on your skin type and needs.

How to choose the best face wash for men?

• For dry skin

People with dry skin need a nourishing face wash that contains  moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid  to get rid of dirt, dust, and impurities from the skin without making it feel overly dry. We recommend staying away from excessive exfoliation, foaming face washes, and harsh ingredients such as paraben, sulphates and more.

• For oily skin

Achieve oil-free skin all day by using the oil-clear face wash for men. This will help to keep excess oil, sebum and sweat away and leave your skin feeling fresh, revived, and healthy. Pick a mild face wash that cleanses the face effectively.

• For sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you can go for a cleanser that is alcohol-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.  You can pick ingredients like aloe vera and neem as they help calm  sensitive skin.

• For acne-prone skin

Keep acne, pimples, zits, irritation, and inflammation at bay by opting for the anti-pimple face wash. Formulated with anti-inflammatory properties, this face wash lightens blemishes and fights pimple-causing bacteria, making it the best face wash for men dealing with acne. Pro tip: Look for cleansers  with salicylic acid to achieve the best results.

• For combination skin

Combination skin can be tricky to manage as it can get too oily or dry at any time. All you need to keep in mind is that your skin needs a little extra love and care as you can have an oily forehead, nose, chin and relatively dry cheeks. In such a case, we recommend using a gentle face wash with nourishing ingredients for combination skin. Invest in a face wash that only helps to remove excess oil but also maintains the skin’s natural lustre.

• For dull skin

Get clear, bright, and fresh-looking skin by cleansing your face with an anti-pollution, brightening face wash that helps to remove all traces of dust, pollution, and impurities from deep within your skin. Choose a face wash infused with ingredients like charcoal and clay to boost skin radiance instantly.

• For normal skin

If you’re blessed with a normal skin type, most face washes will work for you. Hence, you can go for one that suits all skin types. However, it is best to stay away from harsh ingredients and chemicals to get the most out of your face wash effortlessly.

Now that you know how to pick the best face wash for men, browse through our wide range of Garnier men’s facewashes to flaunt healthy, clearer-looking skin on the go. Additionally, you can also explore a variety of skin brighteningoil controlling and moisturising products to upgrade your skincare game.  Looking for the perfect facewash for your women? Browse through a huge variety of Garnier skincare products for women to help cleansebrighten and moisturise your loved woman’s skin instantly!