4-Step Curly Hair Care Routine 4-Step Curly Hair Care Routine

A Simple 4-Step Curly Hair Care Routine

Are you blessed with naturally curly hair? If yes, then you must know how it feels like to always have attention on your uniquely textured hair. Heads turn wherever you go. Isn’t it? But deep down only you what it takes to maintain your super curly locks because the moment you will start using the wrong hair care products or following techniques, it will ruin your precious tresses. Hence, it is integral to follow an ideal hair care routine for curly hair to prevent dry, unhealthy, and frizzy hair. Curly thrives when you follow a curly hair routine regularly and religiously. Not sure where to start? Here’s an easy curly hair routine to keep your curls silkier and glossier all the time.

4-step curly hair routine

Here’s a 4-step curly hair routine to maintain that luscious and envious locks of yours:  

Step 1: Begin with the right shampoo

Kickstart your curly hair routine with the right shampoo. Remember, curly hair needs a lot of moisture. But shampoos can often strip your hair of the natural oils, which keep it healthy and hydrated. You can prevent this and help your hair retain as much moisture as possible by using dedicated curly hair nourishing shampoos. However, if you are combatting split ends and breakage (common issues with curly hair), you can use anti-split ends and anti-breakage shampoo and say goodbye to these frustrating woes.  

Pro tip: There are various types of curly hair. So, if you have tighter curl patterns, go for a ‘pre-poo’ aka ‘pre-shampoo’ treatment to avoid drying out your tresses during the cleansing and simultaneously add protective moisture to your hair before cleansing your hair.

Step 2: Allow your conditioner to set in

Shampooing your curly hair isn’t enough. You also need to hydrate your curls. Keep in mind that curly hair is thirsty hair so add a conditioner to your curly haircare routine. Use a conditioner for curly hair, and work it through your locks, coating each strand liberally. Then, use a wide-toothed comb to gently work out tangles and evenly spread the conditioner through your strands. 

Pro tip: Use anti-split ends conditioner if split ends are damaging your locks.

Step 3: Apply a leave-in conditioner

Curly hair demands extreme moisture and hydration. Hence, using only conditioner may not serve the purpose. So, what do you do? You actively include a leave-in conditioner in your hair care routine for curly hair and apply it even after conditioning your locks with regular conditioner. It is basically an added step that helps elevate the moisture content in your hair. For intense moisturization, use leave-in conditioners that come with argan oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.

Pro tip: Curly hair tangles easily. You can use leave-in conditioners between your hair wash routine and detangle hair using a wide-toothed comb.

Step 4: Dry curly hair effectively

This step is crucial to every curly hair routine. Before styling your hair, add this step to your curly haircare routine to prevent damage.  Blot your hair by gently pressing out excess water without rubbing. This will protect your hair from damage by cutting down on frizz and heat damage and allowing it to dry smoothly. Set your blow dryer to medium heat and low air settings and use a diffuser attachment to dry your curls upside down until they are almost dry. Then, allow the rest of your hair to air dry. Once that is done, style and slay!

Managing curls can be a bit difficult but it's not impossible. Now that you have the 4-step curly hair routine by your side, you can take care of your textured hair in the right way. Looking for some more guidance on curly hair care products, curly hair tipsor curly haircare routine? Browse through the Garnier haircare products and Garnier haircare tips to maintain curly hair effortlessly.