Prep Your Hair For The Wedding Season With Hair Food Prep Your Hair For The Wedding Season With Hair Food

Prep Your Hair For The Wedding Season With Hair Food

With the wedding season around the corner, it is important for you to start amping up your hair care. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, your hair needs to be ready to withstand the heat and styling to look gorgeous through the wedding. This means you need to give your tresses enough hair food to shine on the D-day. With this detailed guide, you can care for your hair and make sure it is prepped for all the weddings you will be attending!

1. Nourishment of oiling

This is an imperative step that most of us  are guilty of skipping. Oiling your hair is important as it nourishes your hair and helps it become healthier. When the wedding date comes close, give yourself a relaxing massage while oiling your hair. Doing this once a week will help you calm down, and also provide your mane with hair food. You can opt for the Garnier Ultra Doux Hair Oil, which is nourished with coconut oil and almond oil. It feeds your scalp with love and care, and ensures you do not overly strip your hair of its natural oils.

2. Use a mild shampoo

Shampooing your hair twice a week is very important as it cleanses the scalp and helps you get rid of any dirt or product buildup. It is also important to use gentle shampoos that are free of any harmful chemicals, silicones and parabens. If you are preparing your hair for the wedding season and scared of your hair looking dull, dry and lifeless, use a targeted shampoo for soft hair.  Shampoos that deeply hydrate your hair are perfect to achieve soft hair. When your hair is hydrated, it looks shinier and is easier to style as well. The Garnier Fructis Quenching Shampoo For Normal to Dry Hair - Deep Hydration Aloe Vera Hair Food  is the perfect shampoo for soft hair. Enriched with aloe vera for hair, it adds 4x hydration into your hair and gives you hair that is super shiny and soft.

If you have damaged and unruly hair, prepare it for the wedding season with  the Garnier Fructis Repairing Shampoo For Damaged Hair - Deep Repair Papaya Hair Food . It is an ideal shampoo for damaged hair. Enriched with papaya, it acts as hair food for your mane. This shampoo for damaged hair helps you combat brittle hair and reduces broken hair by 99%.

3. Use a hair mask

Apart from the daily routine of using shampoo and conditioner, your hair needs an extra something to get ready for the wedding season. To provide your hair with  extra nourishment, use a hair mask on your tresses at least once a week. Hair masks are packed with potent ingredients, which provide your hair with the hair food it needs. Hair masks deeply nourish, hydrate and repair your hair.

Try the Garnier Fructis Quenching Hair Mask For Normal to Dry Hair - Deep Hydration Aloe Vera Hair Food. This   hair mask is formulated to provide deep nourishment to your hair. It is a 3-in-1 mask that is enriched with the goodness of aloe vera for hair and gives it 4x intense hydration. You can also use this hair mask as a conditioner and a leave-in conditioner.

4. Apply serum

As the last step to your hair care routine, it is important to use a serum. Serums help tame frizzy and unruly hair and also seal in all the goodness, making your hair appear super shiny. The Garnier Fructis Long & Strong Serum detangles unruly hair, smoothens hair without heaviness and helps prevent breakage and split ends. The serum formula is enriched with the goodness of avocado and grape seed oil that results in smoother, longer and shinier hair.

We often neglect the health of our hair before our big day. You don’t really need a 10-step routine to ensure healthy and happy hair. You can flaunt lustrous, healthy and shiny hair by incorporating these simple steps into your daily hair care routine. Try these and your hair will be wedding-ready in no time.