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4 Macadamia Nuts Benefits You Need To Know

Originating from trees in Australia, macadamia nuts are popular for their subtle, nutty flavor and rich texture. However, these nuts aren’t just a delicious snack but also have tons of benefits for maintaining your hair health. Rich in fatty acids, calcium, iron, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, and vitamin E, macadamia nuts are a staple in the beauty industry due to their ability to tame dry and damaged hair. So, it’s time you make macadamia hair products a stellar addition to your daily hair care routine for rejuvenating your strands from root to tip. Read ahead to know more about macadamia nuts benefits for the hair.

1. Regulates the production of oil

Your scalp produces a natural oil known as sebum. Insufficient or overproduction of sebum by our bodies can lead to damaged hair which in turn can lead to hair loss. Macadamia encourages and rejuvenates body levels for sebum production. This regulation balances the production and prevents flaky, dry, or extra oily hair while keeping bacteria and dandruff at bay.

2. Keeps the scalp hydrated and healthy

Using macadamia for hair helps to keep the scalp hydrated by regulating the oil production of the scalp. This helps you to achieve smooth and shinier hair. When this ingredient binds to the hair shaft and infuses it with fatty acids, your hair follicles may be left stronger and healthier. Moreover, the presence of antioxidants in macadamia helps hair to recover from environmental exposure.

3. Tames curly, frizzy hair

Curly hair tends to be frizzy which is a nightmare. And if you are the one with curly hair, you’re probably on the constant search for products that can reduce frizz. It’s time for you to incorporate the Garnier macadamia oil shampoo, conditioner and hair mask into your routine that will act as a natural hair care routine to soothe frizz, dullness and tangles. Enriched with essential fatty acids and vitamins, macadamia eliminates frizz by coating the hair shaft with nourishing nutrients. Curly and frizzy hair that’s properly moisturised is easier to untangle and style.

4. Absorbs free radicals

Free radical damage is one of the leading causes of damaged hair and macadamia contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and squalene that protect the hair from free radical damage. If left unchecked, these molecules can change the cellular makeup of proteins and alter the natural DNA. The active ingredients in macadamia ensure that hair remains healthy and in its original state by absorbing free radicals.

Now that you are aware of the amazing benefits of macadamia for hair, let us tell you how you can make the most of this ingredient by using Garnier’s macadamia hair food range.

Step 1 – Apply the macadamia shampoo that will help to cleanse and keep your scalp healthy by removing excess oils from the roots.

Step 2 – Use the macadamia conditioner to smooth, nourish and hydrate your hair. This will make your hair softer and easier to manage.

Step 3 – Deep condition and heal damaged hair with the macadamia hair mask to flaunt smooth, healthy and hydrated hair.

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