No Shave November Rules: Prep Your Beard For The Challenge No Shave November Rules: Prep Your Beard For The Challenge

No Shave November Rules: Prep Your Beard For The Challenge

November is right around the corner and so is ‘No Shave November. Shaving may play an important role in the grooming routine for men but not in November. November is that time of the year when your beard can help change your grooming game. So, if you’re planning to take part in the awareness raising initiative, we’re here to help you. Read ahead to know the meaning of No Shave November and the rules to participate in this initiative.

What is the meaning of No Shave November?

"No Shave November" is a fun and meaningful challenge where men grow their beards throughout November to raise awareness for men's health issues, like prostate and testicular cancer. The reason for No Shave November is to spark conversations around these topics and encourage regular check-ups. Plus, people often donate the money they'd spend on shaving to related charities. So, it's about letting your facial hair grow wild for a good cause!

Rules of No Shave November

Now that you know the meaning of No Shave November, here are some rules you need to adhere to in order to participate in the challenge.

Rule no. 1: Start from scratch

The first and most important rule of No shave November is to start with a clean-shaven face. Ensure that you have shaved your face completely before 1st November without fail.

Rule no. 2: No shaving your beard until 1st December

The main purpose of No Shave November is to keep your razor aside and embrace the natural look. If your beard growth is good, by the end of the month you will be able to flaunt a fuller beard and decide if you want to keep it as your permanent look further down the line.

Rule no. 3: Trim if needed

If you work in a strict corporate setting, we understand that you cannot keep your beard untamed. You may not be able to visit the office but that does not mean you have to shave your beard. You can trim your beard slightly if it becomes uncomfortable or unruly. Neatly trim your beard and groom it well before you head to work during No Shave November.

Rule no. 4: Donate to the cause

Contribute to the campaign by donating the money you would typically spend on shaving and grooming products to support men's health initiatives.

Tips for following No Shave November

Here are some tips for you to follow during the No Shave November challenge:

1. Cleanse your face and beard twice a day

To maintain a healthy and impressive beard during No Shave November, it's important to cleanse your face and beard well both in the morning and at night. This practice removes dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils, creating an ideal environment for beard growth. You can use a facewash from a wide range of facewashes by Garnier.

2. Use a beard oil/ beard conditioner

Improve the health and softness of your beard by using a beard oil or conditioner. It provides essential nutrients to your facial hair, making it more manageable and promoting its growth. We recommend using the Garnier Men Strong Beard Beard & Moustache Oil during no shave November. It is richly infused with Vitamin E and Almond oil. The natural antioxidants in Vitamin E provide shine to your beard while almond oil nourishes it and strengthens it. 

3. Don’t scratch if your beard itches

It's common for a growing beard to cause some itching, but scratching it can damage your hair follicles. Instead, apply a moisturiser to alleviate the itchiness and keep your beard in pristine condition. Don’t let the No Shave November challenge damage the quality of your beard and skin underneath.

4. Comb and style your beard

The importance of training and styling your beard becomes clear as you progress into mid-November, and your beard starts to grow wild and hard to manage. Combing serves several beneficial purposes, including enhancing blood circulation, preventing ingrown hairs, and ensuring an even distribution of beard oil. To manage your beard effectively, begin by using a wide-toothed comb to untangle any knots or snarls in your long, bushy facial hair. Then, employ a dedicated beard brush to style it.

Now that you know the rules of no shave November, prep yourself before the month begins to flaunt your beard in style. Keep reading these tips for men’s skincare and beard care to maintain the overall health of your skin and beard.