Beard Grooming: Follow these Simple Beard Care Steps Beard Grooming: Follow these Simple Beard Care Steps

Beard Grooming: Follow these Simple Beard Care Steps

Gone are the days when a long bushy beard was considered an informal look. Today, more men support facial hair and prefer to sport a bearded look rather than a clean-shaved face. If you are one such man who fascinates to get a tough masculine look, we are here to help you. Below we have revealed a proper beard grooming routine and provided essential steps included in bare care.

5 steps to level up your beard game

Step 1: Choose the Appropriate Beard Look

Identifying the kind of beard-man you want to be, i.e, picking the proper beard style, is the primary step you must take in the beard game. Though there is no steadfast rule or standard regarding the length a man can ideally keep his beard, you can choose a beard style that suits your personality. You can either go for a subtle look with a short-shadowed beard or with a mid-length Irish Beard, that enhances your facial features.

Step 2: Trim to Tame the Beast

Trimming is a crucial step in championing the beard game. Neglecting or not trimming a beard can result in split ends and dryness which can affect the skin underneath and your look as well.  Hence, it is essential to trim your beard at regular intervals to manage it easily.       

Step 3: Keep Your Beard Clean

The secret to a healthy beard lies in washing your facial hair every day. The ritual becomes mandatory at least once a day especially if you have a longer end. The face and skin are exposed to external aggressors such as pollution and weather and the accumulation of dirt, oil can result in developing acne. An uncleaned beard can impede natural hair growth and even cause acne and various skin conditions induced by bacteria, fungus, etc. You can easily avoid acne and keep your beard and the skin underneath healthy by creating an anti-acne skincare routine for men and adding beard grooming items.

Step 4: Use a Beard Oil and Nourish Facial Hair

You can grow your beard to a desirable length by applying beard oil for men. It is one of the most essential steps that help you add volume to the beard, make it thicker, and give it a fuller look. This male beard grooming product intensely moisturises your facial skin and keeps them hydrated. Beard oil comforts skin by reducing itchiness, dandruff, and even controls beard acne leaving a sensory fragrance.

Step 5: Eat Healthy Diet and Create a Skincare Routine

Beard growth is dependent on a healthy lifestyle, food intake, total sleep time, and genetics. While you cannot control the last factor, others are still in your grip. Sufficient sleep ensures the proper release of growth hormones, balanced diet provides the body with essential vitamins like vitamin E that help keep the beard healthy. Along with these, a proper skincare routine for men can help men master the beard game. The must-have skincare products include a   for purification. You can first determine your skin type and choose the skincare products accordingly. For instance, if you have acne-prone skin, you can go for anti-pimple face wash etc. If your beard simultaneously gets the goodness of a healthy diet and care from the beard grooming products, you can inevitably ace the beard game. 

Step 6: Be Patient

When you use all the male grooming products including face serum for men, beard oil, and balm, you can see visible results but only after some time. Beard growth can stretch from several months to years. Therefore, along with using these products and arduously following a beard care routine, you need to be patient and continue this routine until you ace the beard game.

Now that you know the secret to ace the beard game, go ahead and indulge in a beard care routine to get the thick, lustrous beard of your dreams. For further skin care assistance, browse through the wide range of Garnier skincare products, and pick the best grooming essentials that cater to all your needs.