Causes Of Dry Skin Under Beard and How to Prevent It Causes Of Dry Skin Under Beard and How to Prevent It

Causes Of Dry Skin Under Beard and How to Prevent It

Congratulations! You have successfully grown the bushy beard of your dreams. Years of struggle and royal treatment have finally given you the desired look. But while grooming your mane, you may have missed out on taking care of one thing - dry skin under beard? If this is the case, then allow us to help you address this skin trouble. Several factors like weather, unsuitable skincare products, and more can cause dryness in the skin, especially under facial hair. If you have recently noticed that your skin is lacking the required moisture or hydration, you can easily fix this skin issue. However, before delving deep into the preventive methods, you should understand the causes to treat it from within!

Causes of Dry Skin Under Beard

Beard dryness can occur as a result of the following factors -

Taking Hot Showers: Hot showers indeed help you relax but frequently indulging in hot showers can soak up all skin essential oils and result in dry beard skin.

Cold Climate: When temperature drops, skin loses its moisture retention power which leads to damaged flaky beard skin.

Using Wrong Grooming Products: Do you use bar soap to cleanse your face and beard? Does your face become extremely dry after washing your face with bar soap? If yes, then the soap is the culprit behind it. Regular soap affects the pH balance and can make the skin dry and acne prone. As a result, you can suffer from beard dryness.

Certain Skin Conditions: People suffering from skin conditions such as eczema and atopic dermatitis experience extreme skin dryness. In such cases, growing a beard can intensify the trouble by making skin drier as during the growth period your beard absorbs moisture from the skin. Thus, you can experience dry skin under beard. As best practice, you must determine your skin type before growing a beard or choosing any grooming product to avoid any major skin issues.

Preventing Dry Skin Under Beard

Wash Your Beard: While growing a beard, you should follow a thorough skincare routine for men.   You can choose a dedicated beard face wash or go for a face wash according to your skin type. For instance, you can rely on a gentle soothing face wash or an anti-pimple face wash if you have acne-prone skin. Additionally, applying a face mask (e.g. charcoal mask) can also help you get purified skin and make it intensely hydrated.

Avoid Hot Water: No matter how relaxing it might feel, you must not use hot water for cleansing your face. Pro tip: I 

Apply Beard Oil: You can effectively avoid dry skin under beard by keeping your skin thoroughly moisturised. For this, you can opt for a beard oil. Beard oil acts as a magic potion that helps to smoothen and strengthen your beard and provide your skin with essential vitamins. For best results, you can go for a strong beard oil that comes with vitamin E and other natural ingredients.  

Comb your Beard Regularly: Many of you might think of a beard comb as a fancy thing but it definitely serves a purpose. A Beard comb helps in blood circulation, moving skin’s natural oils, and other products used (such as beard oil). In other words, combing and massaging your beard regularly can help you get healthy and hydrated facial hair.

So, now that the secret to preventing beard dryness is known to all, go ahead and take good care of your facial hair to avoid dry skin under beard. 

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