8 Types of Beard Styles for Every Face Shape 8 Types of Beard Styles for Every Face Shape

8 Types of Beard Styles for Every Face Shape

Want to take your beard game to the next level? Try different types of beard styles and get the look of your dreams. Trust us, there is a perfect beard style for every man and you too can find yours. Whether you are new in the world of beard game or a beard veteran, here are 8 different types of beard styles for every face shape that you should try at least once.

8 different types of beard styles

Every face shape has distinct facial features hence you must choose a particular beard style that would suit you the best. Therefore, while growing and selecting the perfect bearded look you need to consider your face shape and beard growth pattern as well. Following is a list of 8 types of beard styles as per different facial shapes, read on!

• Types of beard styles for round face

Those who have round face must opt for an angular beard style that would help them achieve a slimmer appearance.

1. Short-Boxed Beard

Looking for different types of beard styles for a round face? Try the short-boxed beard style. This type of beard style has the similar appearance of a full beard however with thin, neatly trimmed sides.

2. Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard suits people with round facial shape the best. This beard style is named after a 17th Century Flemish painter and consists of a goatee underneath. However, the chin hair is not connected to a moustache. 

• Types of beard styles for square face

Those who have square-shaped face must choose from the following types of beard styles to highlight their jawlines.

3. Circle Beard

Circle beard refers to a particular beard style where the chin patch and moustache join together to form a circle.

4. Royale Beard

If you have a square-shaped face, you can opt for a royale beard style. Royale beard is one of the different types of beard styles where the moustache is anchored by a chin strip.

• Types of beard styles for oval face

Those who have oval faces must go for a wide beard style to give their longer chins the much-needed balance.

5. Chin curtain beard

With the chin curtain beard style, the chin and underside of your face will be wholly covered with facial hair. This beard style helps to make your cheekbones pop out and get a sharper appearance.

6. Corporate beard

Those who are in absolute love with a full beard can but are afraid of the office rule can go for the corporate beard style. It is a neater version of a full beard and allows corporate men to ace the beard game with style.

• Types of beard styles for rectangle face

Those who have rectangle faces must go for certain types of beard styles that would help to highlight their strong facial structure.

7. Mutton Chops Beard

This type of beard style has long sideburns which join with the moustache. There are two different types of mutton chops beard; friendly mutton chops beard (with moustache) and regular mutton chops beard (without chin hair and moustache). Choose a beard style and experiment with your look.

8. Gunslinger beard and moustache

Gunslinger beard and moustache give an almost similar appearance to a mutton chops beard. However, this style has a horseshoe-shaped moustache which is connected to flared sideburns.

After choosing a particular type of beard style, you must start taking proper care of your skin. Use a cleanser and moisturizer that suits your skin. For instance, if you have acne-prone skin, go for an anti-pimple face wash and pimple-clearing moisturizer. Pro tip: You must determine your skin type first and choose products accordingly.

Along with that, you must start using beard oil to manage your facial hair. The benefits of beard oil are numerous. Choose a vitamin E-enriched beard oil to get strong and shiny facial hair. There is also another product available named beard balm. Beard styling balm is a leave-in conditioner and consists of shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils.

So, beard balm vs. beard oil- which one is right for you?  Beard balm works best for those who have medium to long-length beards. On the other hand, beard oil is perfect for those who have shorter-length beard or just have started to grow a beard.  

Now that you have the list of different types of beard styles, you can become the beard guy you always wanted to be. Pro tip: Identify your facial shape and analyse the pattern of beard growth and then pick up a beard style that would take your face game to the next level.

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