This No Shave November, flaunt your beard in style with Garnier India This No Shave November, flaunt your beard in style with Garnier India

This No Shave November, flaunt your beard in style with Garnier India

Gentlemen! The No Shave November is upon us! So, keep aside all your beard grooming tools and roam freely and wildly and be the master of the beard game. No Shave November is celebrated as an awareness-raising program that encourages men to grow beards and hair that cancer patients lose during treatment. While partaking in the noble cause you can simultaneously experiment with your look and leave your beard unattended. Well, you might think there is no big deal in not taking caring your beard. But trust us, there is! So, if you are willing to join the No Shave November group, let us make your one-month journey fruitful. Follow the No Shave November rulebook and check out the beard grooming tips that are specially compiled for you.

No Shave November Rules

Before you take the pledge to earnestly complete the one-month no-shave goal, you must know the following No Shave November rules;

  1. You must put down razor for 30 days
  2. You must donate (your monthly beard and hair expenses) for cancer awareness, research, and prevention
  3. You may trim your beard (if required)

The No Shave November rules are very simple, but you might get stuck in a grave dilemma about whether or not to use beard grooming tools such as a trimmer. Well, that’s not an issue. If you use a trimmer for an office presentation or other unavoidable causes, you won’t be committing a crime. So, conclude your search for how to groom your beard this No Shave November and follow the steps and tips mentioned below.

Steps & Tips to Groom Beard Properly This No Shave November

Step 1: Trim Your Beard

#Tips 1: Pick up a Beard Style and Trim

Before walking on the path of No Shave November month, you can guess how unruly and messy the month can be as your facial hair can grow in an undisciplined manner. Hence, you must keep a handy trimmer and shape your beard as and when required. You can ace the beard game if you follow a strategic approach meaning you must think of a beard style (Van Dyke, Circle Beard, Full Beard) and trim accordingly.

Step 2: Maintain Your Beard

#Tips 2: Wash Your Beard

Since it is a no-shave month, you must religiously clean your facial hair to avoid beard acne or other skin troubles. The budding stage requires intense care and ultimately lay a healthy surface for beard growth. Therefore, at first determine your skin type and then find a suitable cleanser. Currently, there are numerous cleansers available to treat different skin issues. For instance, you can rely on anti pimple face wash or opt for anti-pollution face wash if you come into contact with excessive dirt, dust, and pollution on a daily basis. Do not forget to pamper your moustache.

#Tips 3: Apply Beard Oil

Your No Shave November goal will be unachievable without beard oil. It is an essential beard care product that helps to moisturize and soften your beard and takes good care of the skin underneath. So, say goodbye to beard itch and dandruff and tame the beast this No Shave November with beard oil. While searching for beard oil, go for products that come with anti-inflammatory benefits. You can opt for almond oil and vitamin E-enriched strong beard oil that helps reduce inflammation and add strength and shine to your beard.

Step 3: Train & Style your Beard

#Tips 4: Comb Regularly

If you comb your hair regularly then why omit the practice for the beard? The idea may seem frivolous initially but you will realize it once you reach mid-November when your beard will become unruly and unmanageable. Combing helps to improve blood circulation, prevent ingrown hair, and distribute beard oil evenly. Take a wide-toothed comb to detangle your long bushy hair and then use a dedicated beard brush to comb your facial hair. Pro Tip: Comb your beard downwards to promote length and shape.

This No Shave November, indulge in a thorough skincare routine for men and give additional care to your beard and moustache. If you have acne-prone skin, follow the men’s anti-acne skincare routine and include beard care products accordingly. 

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