Summer Skincare Routine For Oily Skin Summer Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Summer Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Dedicated Summer Skincare Routine For Oily Skin In Summers.

Let us tell you the truth - The summer months and oily skin are not best friends. In fact, they are not even friends, they’re enemies. Do you know why? Because summer days give your oily skin the extra glow and sheen that you or even your skin didn’t ask for. The rising temperature and humidity levels during summers can trigger sebaceous glands to produce more oil to keep the skin hydrated. As a result, you end up getting greasy skin that attracts dirt, dust, and pollution like a magnet, causing acne. Solution? Indulging in a dedicated summer skincare routine for oily skin that can help you reduce oiliness and ward off other skin concerns like acne, clogged pores, etc. Read on to know the most effective summer skincare routine for oily skin to reveal oil-free, fresh-looking skin this summer.

Follow the summer skincare routine for oily skin and take care of your oily skin like a pro:

• Daily routine

Cleansing: Cleansing helps banish dirt, dust, and grime from the skin ensuring clean pores and a healthy skin renewal process.  For your AM cleansing, use a gel facewash that will help cleanse the pores without making the skin overly dry.  For your PM summer skincare for oily skin, you can go for the double cleansing method (as the oiliness can return within hours of cleansing). For double cleansing, first remove makeup, dirt, and dust with a micellar cleansing water and then apply your cleanser as usual.

Toning: Toners benefit oily skin by tightening pores and extracting excess sebum from your skin. So, don’t forget to add a toner to your summer skincare vanity.

Make way for face serum: This summer, upgrade your summer skincare routine for oily skin by applying non-oily non-sticky vitamin C face serum on your skin as it helps to fade away dark spots caused by acne (the greatest enemy of oily skin).

Moisturising: The next step is moisturising as it aids in hydrating, and nourishing the skin. So, include a serum gel moisturiser in your AM summer skincare routine for oily skin that will help you get oil control benefits for a longer time. For night-time oily skin care in summer, you can try the vitamin C yoghurt night cream that helps slough off dead cells and nourish it well while you catch up on your beauty sleep.

Sunscreen: The summer skincare routine for oily skin is incomplete without sunscreen. This staple skincare product protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and delays pre-mature ageing and skin diseases like skin cancer.  Those who like to keep their skincare vanity minimal can go for a sun-control moisturiser and get the benefit of both sun protection and moisturisation from one product.

• Weekly routine

While you should follow the above-mentioned steps daily, there are some skincare steps that should be followed weekly or bi-weekly. We’re talking about exfoliation, and sheet mask aka 5 minutes of me-time in your summer skincare for oily skin.

Exfoliation: Those with oily skin must exfoliate their skin twice or thrice a week to remove dead cells and impurities trapped deep underneath the skin, unclog pores, and ultimately enhance the capacity to absorb other oily skin-friendly ingredients and products. Exfoliation should be done right after cleansing your face.

Sheet Mask: Post cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and applying face serums, the next step in your PM summer skincare routine for oily skin should be sheet masks. Although you can apply sheet masks at any time of the day, you can reap maximum benefits during the evening or at night, considering you are done with all your outdoor activities and can keep the product on your skin for a long time. For best results, you can try the niacinamide-infused purifying mask for oily skin.

Bonus tip: During summer, keep blotting sheets handy with you to soak excess oil whenever you feel the need. Also, try to limit the intake of foods that can cause acne and oily skin during summers or throughout the year.

Don’t let the hot and humid summer days worsen your already disturbed oily skin and ruin your beach days and pool party events. Follow this simple summer skincare routine for oily skin and say goodbye to a greasy, extra-glossy face. To get further assistance with oily skincare, browse through the vast range of Garnier skincare products.