6 main reasons for oily skin! 6 main reasons for oily skin!

6 main reasons for oily skin!

After just a couple of hours outdoors, does your skin develop a sheen? This is probably because you have oily skin. One of the primary reasons for oily face is genetics. Oily skin is also often clogged, congested and prone to breakouts. However, the perk of oily skin is that it tends to age slower and develops lesser wrinkles. But taking care of oily skin requires special care and it is extremely important to follow a proper skincare routine. There can be several reasons for oily skin, we are here with a detailed guide to them.

1. Environment

The humidity in your surroundings can be a reason for an oily face. Places with higher humidity lead to increased secretion of oils and sebum. This especially leads to excessive sebum around your t-zone, which can be a reason for oily nose.

To make your skin less oily during hot and humid days, you can make sure to use sheet masks with detoxifying ingredients like charcoal and coal. This will deeply cleanse your pores and hydrate them to ensure your skin doesn’t go into overdrive producing sebum and oil.

2. Over-washing

A very common mistake people with oily skin make is to over-wash their face. This is a big reason for oily skin, as this results in excessive production of oil and sebum. People with oily skin also tend to use harsh cleansers in the hope of controlling the oil produced. However, this tends to irritate the skin and results in breakouts.

To resolve this issue, it is best to use a gentle cleanser. This will thoroughly cleanse your face without stripping it off its natural oils. Also, washing your face twice a day helps clean your face and balance the secretion of sebum. If you exercise regularly, you can wash your face post your workouts too.

3. Lack of hydration

The most common myth about oily skin is that you don’t need to moisturise it. However, lack of hydration is one of the primary reasons for oily skin. If your skin isn’t hydrated enough, it produces more oil to compensate for the dryness. This makes the glands in your skin produce sebum excessively and is a reason for oily face.

The best way to hydrate oily skin is by using a lightweight day cream. This provides the right amount of moisturisation without making your skin feel greasy. You can also use a moisturiser with SPF, to make sure your skin is hydrated and protected from the sun as well. Using a nourishing night cream on oily skin ensures your skin gets hydrated while you get your beauty sleep.

4. Poor diet

While an incorrect topical application of skincare products can make your skin oily, another reason for oily skin can also be your intake of food. Eating foods that are oily and full of sugar, white bread, red meat, etc can lead to your skin becoming oily. Eat a balanced diet which includes vegetables and fruits helps to keep your body and skin healthy.

5. Skipping sunscreen

Having an elaborate skincare routine but skipping on sunscreen is the worst mistake you can make. Sunscreen is essential in protecting your skin from sun damage and early signs of ageing. It is a reason for oily skin as skipping sunscreen dries out your skin and causes your skin to produce even more oil to make up for the loss. Always use a moisturising cream with SPF to protect and hydrate your skin simultaneously.

Having oily skin is inevitable, but you can take active steps to control and reduce the production of oils and sebum. Opt for the Garnier range of skin care products to pamper your oily skin and take care of it.