how to double cleanse correctly how to double cleanse correctly

Double cleansing method: how to double cleanse correctly

In these times of foggy air and heavy glam, washing your face once a day just doesn’t make the cut. Your skin has to keep up with the changing environment. This is when most people find themselves turning back to the age-old tradition of the double cleansing method. While this ritual is nothing new to Korean and Japanese women, many others in the west have just begun realising the many benefits of a double cleanse routine. If you are still not familiar with this trend of double cleansing, here’s everything you should know and how to do it correctly.

Finding the right double cleansing products for your skin type and layering them to create a gentle skincare routine might seem rather complicated. Fret not! This simple, step-by-step guide with tell you how to double cleanse correctly.

• Step 1: The First Cleanse

The first cleanse of your double cleansing method is meant to remove all the dirt, heavy makeup, and pollution from the skin’s surface. While your first cleanser is supposed to be slightly strong, try to invest in fragrance-free and alcohol-free and gentle products like the Micellar Cleansing Water to protect your skin’s texture.

Starting out with a gentle micellar water for double cleansing is a good way to ensure a thorough cleaning. If the micellar water has hydrating agents then you can also use it for double cleansing for dry skin. To start out, pour a good amount of the micellar cleansing water onto a cotton pad or a cotton ball. Apply the micellar water to the portions you want to cleanse. Gently massage your skin to dissolve all the impurities and makeup. While there’s no need to rinse your face after using micellar water, you can splash your face with cold or lukewarm water to soothe it before the next step of the double cleansing method.

If you carry a heavy makeup look through the day, using an oil-based cleanser is ideal. The oil emulsifies waterproof makeup without any harsh scrubbing, maintaining the texture of your skin. If you feel your skin has turned dull due to pollution, you can use skin actives-infused micellar water for double cleansing. Adding natural ingredients like vitamin C in your first cleanse can help to add glow to your skin right from the initial stages of your double cleansing method.

Step 2: The Second Cleanse

Allow your face to rest for a while between the two cleanses. Then, take a small amount of a water-based or a gel-based cleanser or face wash for your second cleanse. Now that all the impurities on your face have been cleared, the second step of the double cleansing method will deeply cleanse your pores and remove all invisible impurities from your face too. This step ensures that all the dirt stuck in your pores is cleaned to prevent any acne rashes or breakouts. Gently massage the face wash into your face and rinse it with cold or lukewarm water. Use a dry, microfibre cloth to gently dab your face dry.

Step 3: Serum

The double cleansing method leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, but another one of its benefits is better absorption. If you  use skin actives and serums as a part of your skincare routine, you will realise that these agents are absorbing better after following the double cleansing method. This helps you get faster results from your skin care serums.

• Step 4: Toner

The double cleanse routine seems a win-win thus far, but some of you might find that your pores are left open after the cleansing. To prevent these pores from secreting excessive oil, or to keep more dirt from flying into these, it is important to use a calming toner. The toner will soothe your face and shrink your pores by closing them. This ensures that your elaborate double cleanse routine stays intact through the day.

• Step 5: Moisturise

As the concluding step of your skincare routine with double cleanse method, moisturise your skin thoroughly. If your skin doesn’t naturally retain moisture or feels a bit parched at night after the double cleanse routine, apply a nourishing night cream. If you usually double cleanse your skin during the day, you can seal the moisture with a Vitamin C Serum Cream with SPF 40 that also provides your skin with optimum sun protection.

While it is no harm to hop aboard the double cleanse method, it is always important to select appropriate double cleansing products for your skin type. Try investing in hydrating micellar waters if you are double cleansing for combination skin or dry skin. Further, the dirt-attracting micelles also make them an effective double cleanser for oily skin. You can also look for effective brightening serums and face washes on the Garnier Skin Naturals and see your skin thrive with the perfect double cleanse routine! For further skincare assistance, browse through our skincare tips and get the best-in-class advice and suggestions on flaunting clear, bright and flawless skin.