Causes of Dull Skin and Ways To Achieve A Healthy Glow Causes of Dull Skin and Ways To Achieve A Healthy Glow

Causes of Dull Skin and Ways To Achieve A Healthy Glow

Does your skin lack radiance and make you feel low? If your skin is looking dull, you might be wondering what causes dull skin and how you can achieve a healthy, vibrant glow. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and maintaining radiant-looking skin always can be an onerous endeavour, especially if you aren’t aware of the reasons for dull skin. Many factors can contribute to the lack of radiance but once you understand the causes of dull skin, you can restore its glow with ease. Here are some reasons of dullness on the face and what you can do to fight them.

Causes of dull skin 

1. Dehydration 

The amount of water you intake is directly related to the health of your skin. Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration which in turn decreases the volume of blood flow to the skin, making you look dull and pale. Failing to give your skin the hydration it needs can also cause damage such as breakouts, fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and more. So, keep your skin hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water every day. Moreover, apply hydrating face serum to bind moisture in the upper layers of your skin. 

2. Forgetting exfoliation 

Many times, we tend to skip exfoliation, which is one of the most popular reasons for dull skin. Exfoliation helps to remove dry, dead skin cells and creates a fresh canvas that allows topical products to penetrate better into your skin. Scrubbing is one of the best ways to smoothen the skin’s surface and make it appear glowy. Use a mild exfoliator one or two times a week to remove oil, debris, and bacteria from the surface of your skin and reveal a rejuvenated complexion. But remember to be mindful. Do not over-exfoliate as that can eradicate your skin’s protective layer, resulting in loss of moisture. This too can result in dull skin. 

3. Skipping moisturisation

Dryness is the most common cause of dull skin. Skipping on moisturiser can cause dead skin cells to build up, making your complexion look uneven and lacking lustre. Hydration is the key to nourished and healthy skin and even people will oily skin types need to moisturise regularly. 

4. Sun damage 

Not only does unprotected sun exposure impact the top layers of your skin, but it also breaks down the important proteins in your skin and damages the skin’s barrier resulting in dull and dry skin. Apart from this, environmental aggressors like pollution could also be one of the causes of dull skin and signs of ageing. Hence, you must always wear a cream with broad-spectrum SPF, even on cloudy days to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays and external aggressors. 

5. Smoking 

Smoking can impact the production of collagen and degrade the elastic fibres of your skin. This can speed up the ageing process and contribute to dull skin. Try to reduce and eventually, quit smoking. 

6. Lack of sleep 

A tired body is what causes dull skin. Anything that keeps you awake, including stress, can stand between you and glowing skin. Your cells repair and regenerate themselves when you sleep and if that period is shortened or altered then they will not be able to perform at their optimum level. Make sure that you get about seven to nine hours of sleep per night. For added benefits and to achieve dewy, soft, and supple skin, we recommend applying a night cream regularly. 

7. Sleeping with makeup 

Going to bed without removing makeup leads to the accumulation of dirt and debris on your skin’s surface, clogging your pores and making it appear dull. Leaving a layer of makeup on the skin can also prevent it from breathing and repairing itself as you sleep. Additionally, wearing makeup to bed can also lead to a nasty breakout and premature ageing. So, make sure that you’ve completely got rid of makeup, dirt and dust from the skin before sleeping. To do so, use a gentle cleanser and follow it up with a soothing facewash to refresh and revive your skin thoroughly.

Keep the above-mentioned causes of dull skin in your mind and browse through a wide range of Garnier skincare products to flaunt the skin of your dreams with ease.