Skincare Routine For Dull Skin Skincare Routine For Dull Skin

Skincare Routine For Dull Skin

There are days when our skin looks flawless and beautiful! However, sometimes it also throws a tantrum and tends to get irritated and appear dull. One of the major skin struggles is the issue of dull skin. Lacklustre skin will make you look tired and eliminate the touch of youth from it. This is why it is time to take some time out and reset with a skincare routine for dull skin.

1. Double cleanse your skin

The best way to reset your skin is to go back to the basics. If you have an elaborate routine, set it aside and focus on healing your skin. Using dull skin products that deeply cleanse and soothe your skin will give you an instant glow! Start your dull skincare routine by using a gentle micellar water to remove your makeup and cleanse your face. This will help you get rid of all your makeup and also clean your pores. Use brightening cleanser to further cleanse your skin. This process of double cleansing gives you squeaky skin that is ready for a pampering session!

2. The power of masking

After cleansing your skin, it is time for the most crucial step of your skincare routine for dull skin. A serum-loaded sheet mask is a great way to rejuvenate and plump up the skin! If you have a few extra minutes, you can steam your face before applying the sheet mask. The warm steam opens up your pores, which enables the serum to penetrate deeper into your skin giving it a healthy glow.

For additional benefits pick sheet masks with ingredients that cater to your skin concerns. Our top ingredient picks to reset dull skin would be vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, sakura, green tea and charcoal. Adding any of these ingredients to your skincare for dull skin will surely give you a blinding glow!

3. Serum for the win

Layering serums is surely the secret sauce to achieving beautifully glowing skin! And one of the best serums to use in your dull skincare routine is vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects against oxidative stress. Most dull skin products are enriched with vitamin C serum as it has properties that boost the production of collagen in your skin. This helps you reset your dull skin and gives it a vibrant glow!

4. Moisturise

If you want to perfect your skincare routine for dull skin, you cannot skip out on using a moisturiser. After using a serum, moisturising your skin helps to lock in hydration. This will ensure your skin doesn’t dry out and looks glowing for days! Using a moisturiser enriched with SPF is like a cherry on the cake.

It protects your skin from sun damage while hydrating it. If you use vitamin C, it is especially important to incorporate SPF into your dull skincare routine. The combo of vitamin C and SPF gives your skin double protection. It is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and acne scars, and also reduces the formation of sunburn cells.

5. A touch of BB cream

This additional step as a part of your dull skincare routine will surely brighten your skin. Applying a lightweight BB cream evens out your skin tone and also makes you look presentable! It gives your skin minimal coverage, which is perfect after a reset skincare routine.

With just these five steps, you can say bye-bye to your dull skin and get glowing skin! Do this skincare routine for dull skin at least once every two weeks to see visible results.