5 Reasons Why You Should Take Off Your Makeup Before Going To Bed 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Off Your Makeup Before Going To Bed

Here’s Why Sleeping With Makeup On Is Bad - Importance Of Removing Makeup Before Bed

Have you been sleeping with makeup on? You know that makeup removal and regular cleansing are crucial to maintaining healthy-looking skin, but you just don’t have the energy to get back up. And you think that skipping it one day won’t hurt that much, right? If you nodded in a yes, that’s exactly where you’re wrong. Sleeping with makeup on can cause extensive damage to your skin during the night. While it may be tempting to drift off to sleep with a face full of foundation, blush, and eyeliner, removing makeup before bed is essential to your skin’s health. Here are five reasons why makeup removal should be a part of your PM skincare ritual.

Why makeup removal is non-negotiating

Not following a thorough makeup removal and skin cleansing process can lead to the following skin consequences:

• Lead to breakouts

Sleeping with makeup on can mix with the dirt and oil that has built up throughout the day on the surface of your skin. This, in turn, can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Hence, you must remove makeup and cleanse your face before hitting the bed and make sure no residue is left on the skin. Micellar water is an effective cleanser that removes 100% of makeup, wipes out invisible dirt, and leaves zero residue. Use micellar water as the first step of your double cleansing ritual and pave the way for acne-free skin.

• Make you look dull

The skin repairs and renews itself overnight and creates a vibrant appearance in the morning. Sleeping with makeup on hinders this renewal process which leads to dull skin. When you sleep in your day-old foundation, powder, and eye makeup, it can settle into your creases and fine lines, causing dull, dry, itchy skin. Make sure you follow an effective makeup removal practice to avoid having dull-looking skin.

• Cause signs of ageing

Leaving makeup on while you sleep can cause premature aging and age your skin further. This happens due to the unnecessary free radical exposure. Your skin is exposed to free radicals and other oxidative stressors during the day. This can break down collagen and cause the development of lines and wrinkles. Dozing off with your makeup seals these free radicals onto the surface of the skin all night long.

• Dry the skin

Hitting the bed with your makeup on can dry out your skin as leftover residue can create a barrier that prevents your moisturiser from penetrating your skin. Moreover, some makeup formulas contain ingredients that drain moisture away from the skin, which causes dry skin. Using micellar water for face cleansing and makeup removal make sure your skin is free from makeup and dust particles and is ready to absorb PM moisturizer and face serum.

• Infect the eyes

The chances of eye irritation, itchiness, and infection increase when you sleep with your makeup on. Makeup particles can rub off onto the pillowcase and get into your eyes. In worst cases, leaving mascara overnight can cause eyelid cysts. Apart from this, the makeup residue on your skin can also cause redness and inflammation if not removed and cleansed properly.

Step-wise makeup removal process

Now that you know why you should take off your makeup before bed, here’s how you can do so –

Step 1: Cleanse with micellar water

Kick-start your bedtime makeup removal process with a cleanser preferably micellar water. You can try no-rinsing micellar cleansing water that removes makeup, dirt, dust for up to 100%, banishes invisible dirt, SPF residue. Currently, there are various micellar cleansing water available in the market for different skin types and purposes. For instance, there is micellar cleansing water for dull and sensitive skin, micellar water for removing waterproof makeup, etc.

Step 2: Double cleanse with a gentle face wash

If you are a true believer in the double cleansing method, then you can wash your face with another type of cleanser. This process will pull off last traces of impurities from the skin and make it ready for the next steps of skincare. For double and deep cleansing, you can use a gentle vitamin C face wash.

Once you are done with your PM makeup removal process, you can use antioxidant-rich vitamin C serum for additional skin hydration and spot removal, and vitamin C night cream to nourish skin and correct dullness. For some ‘me-time’, pamper your skin with a glowing sheet mask two to three times a week.

Now that you have completed your bedtime makeup removal ritual, you can hit the bed and let your skin rejuvenate in peace. Need some skin care tips and product recommendations? Browse through a wide range of Garnier skincare products and skincare tips to wake up to healthy and beautiful-looking skin every day.