Adult acne 101: Acne solutions! Adult acne 101: Acne solutions!

Adult acne 101: Acne solutions!

If you think your skin will be thriving once your teenage years are over, you might want to think again. Adult acne is quite a common phenomenon, especially among people in their mid-20s. It can be painful and annoying to wake up with an angry red zit before an important presentation or event. To maintain the health of your skin, it is important to look at acne solutions. Here are a few ways which can help you with tips and tricks on how to get rid of acne. also cause breakouts. Here is a simple routine, with just three steps, to deep clean your skin at home.

1. Update your skincare routine

As you age, your skin changes as well. It is important to adapt to these changes and alter your routine. Updating your skincare routine from time to time can be a great acne solution. You can add or remove products from your routine based on how your skin feels in different seasons. However, remember to not change up your routine completely together. Sub out one product at a time so you don’t aggravate your acne.

While altering your routine as an acne solution, you can switch to using a gentle cleanser twice a day. This will make sure your skin is deeply cleansed. After cleansing your face, you can moisturise your face with a hydrating cream. If you have active acne, you can opt for spot treatment as well.

2. Switch to chemical exfoliators

Exfoliation is great for the skin. It helps you get rid of the dead cells on your skin and helps it breathe better. However, using physical exfoliators can be damaging to the skin and cause sensitivity. It can also irritate the skin and lead to bouts of acne. The best acne solution to this is to switch to chemical exfoliation.

Actives gently exfoliate your skin and unclog your pores. These actives are an effective acne solution as they help reduce it. You can opt for AHA’s and BHA’s like vitamin C, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and more. The best way to deliver their goodness is by using a lightweight vitamin C serum or a nourishing hyaluronic acid sheet mask.

3. Use sunscreen

If you’re wondering, “How to get rid of acne?” using a cream with SPF is one of your acne problem solutions. Sunscreen is a skincare staple that everyone must use. It protects your skin from sun damage caused by harmful UVA and UVB rays. Sun damage can dry out your skin and result in painful pimples. Using sunscreen daily protects the skin and also delays signs of ageing.

4. Double cleanse every night

If you’re going to bed with makeup, it is bound to lead to adult acne. A great acne solution for this is to double cleanse daily. After a long tiring day, you can start removing your makeup with some micellar water. Micellar water is super gentle on the skin and removes your makeup in one swipe. After this, you can use a gentle cleanser to remove every last trace of makeup from your skin. This will ensure your skin is deeply cleansed and free of any makeup, dirt and dust.

5. Consume a balanced diet

One of the major causes of adult acne is the consumption of an unbalanced diet. Eating unhealthy food daily can shoot up your insulin levels, which cause breakouts. Eating a balanced diet is a great acne solution. Adding leafy vegetables, fruits, healthy pulses and protein-rich foods to your diet helps keep your skin and body feeling healthy.

While these acne solutions do help you control your bouts of adult acne, if the issue persists it is best to consult a medical professional. In the meanwhile, you can add high-quality skincare products from Garnier to nourish, brighten and rejuvenate your skin!