5 acne-causing foods you must avoid! 5 acne-causing foods you must avoid!

5 acne-causing foods you must avoid!

Is your vanity lined with multiple skincare products to treat your acne-prone skin? But it is frustrating that you’re still unable to get the clear skin of your dreams! While the products you use play a big role in the health of your skin, there are several other contributors as well. An unhealthy lifestyle, stress and the foods you eat also affect the way your skin looks and feels. Consumption of certain foods results in breakouts. Excessive intake of acne-causing food can aggravate your pimples. But which of these foods causes acne? We are here with a list of foods that cause acne and breakouts.

1. Processed Sugar

If you’re a sweet tooth who has acne-prone skin, then this is surely going to upset you. Food items loaded with sugar are one of the top foods to avoid for acne. This is because consumption of sugary foods results in a spike in insulin. An overdose of insulin sends your skin into overdrive and increases the production of oils in the skin. This excessive sebum and oil clogs your pores and can lead to breakouts. Another reason to cut down on sugary acne-causing food is that it leads to inflammation. Inflamed skin is an ideal environment for bacteria to breed, which can result in severe breakouts. If you cannot stop consuming sugar completely, it is best to reduce and control its intake.

2. Dairy

Recent studies show that milk is known to be an acne-causing food. This is because milk contains androgen hormones, which are often linked to spurts of acne and breakouts. Other hormones in milk also result in inflammation, which leads to breakouts and pimples.

To determine if milk is a trigger, you can stop consumption for a few days and check if your acne has reduced. In case you notice a flare-up after consuming milk, it is best to limit your consumption. If you want to avoid this acne-causing food, you can opt for milk alternatives like almond milk, soy milk or oat milk.

3. Refined grains

Foods made of white rice or refined flour, commonly known as maida, are very high in refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are easily absorbed in our bloodstream and spike insulin. This property makes it an acne-causing food. Spiked insulin is known to trigger breakouts as it causes an increase in the production of sebum.

You can cut out products such as biscuits, white bread and pasta from your diet temporarily to gauge if this is a food that causes acne. Instead of cutting out refined grains completely from your diet, you can reduce consumption. You can also switch to eating products made of whole grains like wheat, barley, brown rice and oats.

4. Fast food

If you have acne-prone skin, eating healthy is essential. Consuming fast food daily is very unhealthy for the skin as it is one of the categories of foods that cause acne. Fast food has added preservatives to keep it fresh for longer. It is also high in calories, fat and refined carbohydrates. All these combined damage the health of your skin, along with physical health.

Cutting down on this acne-causing food and consuming a balanced diet with leafy vegetables, fruits and sprouts is what will help promote healthy and happy skin. You can also eliminate aerated beverages from your diet and switch to fresh fruit juices and smoothies instead.

5. Alcohol

Another item that is popularly found in every list of foods that causes acne is alcohol. While having a drink or two occasionally is completely alright, consuming it in large quantities can have adverse effects. Excessive intake of alcohol is not directly linked to causing acne, but it does alter your hormone levels. It causes an imbalance in estrogen or testosterone levels, which leads to an increase in the production of sebum. This often leads to painful breakouts that can cause havoc to your skin.

Permanently eliminating all acne-causing food is not a realistic choice, however, limiting its quantities and opting for healthier options is the way to go. You can also use hydrating moisturisers, lightweight serums, gentle cleansers and nourishing sheet masks from Garnier to care for your skin!