Double Cleansing According To Skin Types Double Cleansing According To Skin Types

A Complete Guide On Double Cleansing According To Skin Types

Many of us cannot help but raise our brows at the raging trend of double cleansing - washing your face once with an oil-based cleanser and immediately rinsing with a regular cleanser after. Using oil on the face may seem like the worst nightmare for those with an oily skin type. On the other hand, those with dry skin could never imagine washing their face twice in a row for cleansing. And those of us who have sensitive and reactive skin are always better off without experimenting. Unless, there is something in it for all of us.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but all skin types stand to derive some or the other benefit from a double cleanse. While the base process remains the same, you may have to tweak the double cleansing products you use according to your skin type. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide that will help you find a double cleanse routine for your skin type.

Double cleansing for oily skin

Excessive sebum production is one of the main problems that plagues oily skin. It tends to trap dust, dirt, pollution, and acne causing bacteria. Using a double cleanser for oily skin just might be the solution to this problem. While putting more oil on an already greasy face sounds wrong, it can be the key to unclogging your pores and saving yourself a few breakouts. Investing in a light weight double cleanser for oily skin clears away all the dust and dirt that does not go away with a water wash.

Using a gentle oil-infused micellar cleansing water can be the perfect wispy double cleanser for oily skin. The oil from the product helps to dissolve all waterproof makeup and the dirt attracting micelles will take away all impurities that clog your pores. While you don’t need to wash off micellar water, you can always rinse your face and follow with a foamy face wash to rid your face of all residue. With your skin cleared of all invisible impurities, you can now move onto skin active serums which will give your face an added glow.

Double cleansing for dry skin

Washing your face excessively might strip away your skin’s natural moisture. This is why you require gentle, water based products when it comes to double cleansing for dry skin. Try to invest in alcohol free, fragrance free, and paraben free double cleansing products if your skin dries out fast.

You can start off by using denser emollients for your first step of double cleansing for dry skin. Shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil are all moisturising ingredients that soothe dry skin. Acing the second step of double cleansing for dry skin is where it gets trickier. It is important to use hydration locking, gentle cleanser for this step. Micellar water made for sensitive skin might just do the trick. You can simply pour the cleansing water onto a cotton pad and massage your face. After a while, simply swipe away the oil residue and impurities to get a clean, hydrated skin. If you are double cleansing for dry skin before bed, you can close off with a lightweight night cream to seal the deal.

Double cleansing for combination skin

With an oily T-zone and dried out cheeks, this is a tricky skin type. Double cleansing for combination skin is still a beneficial practice to remove all impurities from your face. Those with a combination skin usually have larger pores that are more prone to collecting dust and grime. Double cleansing for combination skin comes in handy to fix this.

You can start out with an oil cleanser that is rich in ceramides. These double cleansing products create a strong barrier and prevent any moisture loss from your skin. When moving to the second step of double cleansing for combination skin, use a gentle, hydration locking micellar cleansing water that will clear out all impurities but also lock in the moisture for a long period of time. A lot of us who try double cleansing for combination skin also suffer from face dullness. Using a Vitamin C infused cleanser can give an added glow when you finish your kin care routine.

Now is time to start a daily double cleanse, as all skin types, all lifestyles, stand to gain benefits of this age old tradition. Whether you’re trying a double cleanser for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive or combination skin type, using gentle, hypoallergenic products is key. This elaborate skin care regimen requires you to understand your skin and expects the same out of your double cleansing products. A gentle Micellar Cleansing Water is one such cleanser that understands all skin types. You can layer these hydrating cleansers with a vitamin C-packed serum by Garnier skin naturals, to keep your glow intact all day long. Check out a detailed step-by-step double cleansing routine and other skincare tips to jump ahead towards a glassy skin.