When to use Vitamin C Serum When to use Vitamin C Serum

When To Apply Vitamin C Serum – During The Day Or At Night?

‘When to apply vitamin C serum for glowing skin?’, ‘When to use vitamin C serum - day or night?’ ‘How to find the best vitamin C serum?’ or ‘What is the correct order of using vitamin C serum? - We have answers to all these questions and more. Vitamin C is a holistic skincare ingredient that protects your skin from pollution and sun exposure, and plays a crucial role in boosting collagen formation. However, products infused with vitamin C, especially serums, are potent in nature and need extra caution while being layered with other products in your skincare routine. So, stay with us to learn some useful and interesting details about applying vitamin C serum in the morning or at night on your skin.

When to apply vitamin C serum?

• AM application of vitamin C serum

The greatest advantage of applying vitamin C serum is its easy absorbability into the skin. Its light texture layers easily with moisturisers and makeup products without feeling heavy on the skin. Vitamin C serum, when applied in the morning, prevents oxidative stress caused by the free radicals, thanks to the photoactive properties of vitamin C. So, if anybody asks you when to use vitamin C serum? You can certainly highlight the importance of the daytime application and its necessity.

Pro tip: You must always use SPF with vitamin C to give your skin the extra photoprotection.

• PM application of vitamin C serum

Not only in the morning, you can apply vitamin C serum at night as well. The reason is that your skin and body undergo a natural recovering process at night, and vitamin C products (when applied before bed) can make a significant impact on the skin physiology. The anti-ageing properties of vitamin C serum can help boost collagen, enhance elasticity, and repair damage. Further, the night-time application allows you to build a reservoir of vitamin C that is required for photoprotection the next morning.

So, coming back to the question - when to apply vitamin C serum - in the morning or at night? The answer is both. Now that you know about the application, let’s help you find the right vitamin C serum for your skin.

How to find the best vitamin C serum for your skin?

While looking for an effective vitamin C serum for face, search for other caring ingredients like Niacinamide. This combination is extremely powerful and helps tackle dark spots, acne marks, dullness, and hyperpigmentation with ease. You can try vitamin C serum from the house of Garnier.  This antioxidant-rich vitamin C face serum has the potency to brighten your skin, and reduce dark spots and acne marks in no time. What’s more, it has a non-oily, non-sticky formula that quickly blends with the skin without leaving a residue.

What is the correct order of using skincare products?

To ensure you gain maximum benefits from using a vitamin C serum, make sure that you layer it correctly in your skincare routine. Vitamin C serum must be applied after cleansing, exfoliating, and toning; and before moisturising with day cream or night cream. You can use a vitamin C facewash and vitamin C-infused UV day cream and vitamin C-infused night cream to give your skin the extra goodness of vitamin C.

So, now that you know when is the right time to apply the product, go ahead and include vitamin C serum in your morning and evening skincare routine. And keep browsing through the wide range of Garnier skincare products and genius skincare tips to provide your skin best-in-class care.