8 Hair Coloring Styles For Your Every Mood 8 Hair Coloring Styles For Your Every Mood

8 Hair Coloring Styles For Your Every Mood

The easiest way to transform your look is by experimenting with your hair. Whether you want to stay in your comfort zone or go for a complete 180, playing around with different hair coloring styles is fun and refreshing. But if the myriad of hair coloring options has left you feeling overwhelmed, we’ve got your back. Here is a rundown of 8 of the trendiest techniques so you can plan out your next makeover!

1. Highlights

Hands down one of the most common hair coloring styles, highlights are when sections of your hair are colored lighter than your natural shade. This adds dimension to your locks and enhances your facial features. For example, the Garnier Color Naturals Caramel Brown hair color will create a stunning contrast against rich, brunette hair whereas the Garnier hair color in the shade golden brown will be perfect for somebody with brown hair.

2. Lowlights

The opposite of highlights in hair are lowlights, a hair coloring style that uses a color that is darker than your base shade to add depth. Lowlights are great way to create the illusion of fuller and more voluminous hair. If you have a naturally light brown hair color, the Garnier Color Naturals Darkest Brown shade will add just the right amount of effortless oomph in your mane.

3. Babylights

Babylights are just another name for subtle highlights or lowlights. Just like with highlights or lowlights, babylights also add color to sections of the hair but in a more fine and subtle way. Babylights are meant to mimic the sunkissed look of natural hair. If you have a warm auburn hair color, try the Garnier Color Naturals Raspberry Red for adding natural-looking depth and dimension to your vibrant hair color.

4. Ombre

In this hair coloring style, your natural hair color gradually and seamlessly fades to a much lighter shade as you move from the crown to the ends. One of the biggest hair color trends in the past few years, ombre hair is super easy to maintain as you don’t have to worry about constantly re-touching your roots. If you have always wanted to try a red hair color but are not ready for the commitment of coloring all your hair just yet, try ombre hair with the Garnier Color Naturals Shade Intense Red instead.

5. Balayage

Often confused with ombre hair, balayage is a hair coloring style where a lighter hair color shade is painted free hand onto the hair to create a more subtle gradation in the hair. For a natural-looking result, try the Garnier Black Naturals Natural Brown hair color shade when experimenting with balayage for the first time.

6. Dip Dye

As the name suggests, dip dye is when the ends of your hair are dipped into a hair color to create a striking contrast between the new shade and your natural hair color. This hair coloring style offers very little to almost no gradation between the two shades. Dip dye is a perfect way to step out of the comfort zone and try fun shades like the Garnier Color Naturals Plum Red hair color.

7. Money Piece

Also known as face framing highlights, the money piece look is achieved when the strands that frame your face are colored in a different shade than the rest of your hair. If you are ready to try something new and play with color, frame your face with the Garnier Black Naturals Burgundy hair color.

8. Peek A Boo

Love experimenting with bold colors but can’t flaunt it at school or work? We’ve got you covered! For this hair coloring style, all you need to do is color just the bottom layer of your hair – it stays hidden under your top layers! This is a great way to finally get the burgundy hair color you’ve always wanted. If you aren’t afraid of color, Garnier Color Naturals Wine Burgundy is just the right shade for you.

Now that you know all the different hair coloring styles, use the Garnier Virtual Try On tool to find the perfect Garnier hair color for you and go have fun with your hair! And once you start flaunting a vibrant new hue, here are some things you need to keep in mind to prevent your hair color from fading!