Garnier Color Naturals Shade 532 Caramel BrownGarnier Color Naturals Shade 532 Caramel BrownGarnier Color Naturals Shade 532 Caramel Brown 4DJz9RMn1s0

Garnier Color Naturals 35ml + 30g Shade 5.32 Caramel Brown

₹ 80.00 MSRP

Garnier color naturals is a nourishing crème based hair color, that provides 100% grey coverage and rich vibrant color that lasts upto 8 weeks

35ml + 30g

How To Use

• Perform a skin allergy test hours prior to the coloring. Please purchase the product a day before you color, as you must conduct an allergy test 24 hours before each time you color, even if you have colored your hair before • Wear gloves provided in the box and mix developer and the colorant in a non-metallic bowl in a 1:1 ratio • Start at the roots and work your way towards the tips, while dividing the hair into sections • Leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse with water, apply conditioner and then rinse again. • Reveal soft, shiny and radiant hair! Post color care Avoid using hot hair tools frequently dryness • Use a serum to protect and nourish colored hair • Use a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage • Avoid stepping out with damp hair • Use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner for maximum color retention


Enriched with the goodness of Olive, Almond & avocado oils

Product Information

Enriched with 3 essential oils – olive, almond and avocado, Garnier Color Naturals leaves your hair looking shiny, silky & nourished. The no ammonia crème formula comes with a superior color lock technology that gives you rich color that lasts upto 8 weeks. It comes in a range of 8 vibrant shades suited for Indian skin tones, in an easy to use kit that can be used at your convenience