Garnier Black Naturals 20ml + 20mg Shade 3.16 Burgundy

₹ 37.00 MSRP

Garnier Black Naturals - The secret to natural looking hair

20 ml + 20 g

How To Use

Garnier Black Naturals has a 3-step easy application process. Step 1: Mix the colorant & developer in a non-metallic bowl. Step Step 2: Apply the mixture on dry hair Step 3: Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly with water We recommend reading the instructions on the leaflet and back of the pack carefully before using


Hair Colorant, Developer. Enriched with almond oil and black tea extracts.

Product Information

Garnier Black Naturals is an oil - enriched crème hair colour which gives 100% grey coverage and natural looking hair. It is an ammonia-free hair color, which is enriched with almond oil & black tea extracts. Garnier Black Naturals is suitable for both men & women, and gives 5X shiny & soft hair. It works in 15 minutes and lasts for 6 weeks.