7 Tips To Prevent Your Hair Colour From Fading 7 Tips To Prevent Your Hair Colour From Fading

7 Tips To Prevent Your Hair Colour From Fading

Whether you have touched up your grey roots or switched out your natural hair to a bright burgundy hair colour, with a few tweaks to your hair care routine, you can improve not only the health of your hair but also increase the vibrancy of your new shade for longer. Here are seven tips to prevent your hair colour from fading –

1. Colour your hair the right way

How you colour your hair, how long you leave the hair colour on, how you rinse your hair after you are done – all of these impact the longevity of your hair colour. Make sure to colour your hair the right way according to the instructions on the specific kit. If you are a hair colour newbie, the Step By Step Hair Colouring Guide is just what you need to make your at-home hair colouring session a success.

2. Do not wash your hair everyday

It is no rocket science – the more frequently you wash your hair, the quicker the hair colour will fade. This is especially true for those with a red hair colour, as this hair colour is more prone to fading. Skip the daily hair wash and wash your hair only twice or thrice a week. Apart from causing your hair colour to fade, over-washing your hair can also make your locks dry, brittle, and damaged. If your hair is feeling extra greasy, refresh your scalp with a quick spray of a dry shampoo instead.

3. Pick the right products for your colour treated hair

Shampoos and conditioners for colour treated hair are there for a reason, make sure to use them. Regular shampoos and conditioners are laden with chemicals that accelerate fading. Opt for a shampoo and conditioner that is specially for colour treated hair if you want your colour to stay vivid and vibrant for longer. You should also look for hair serums and leave-in treatments with UV filters that will shield your hair colour from the sun.

4. Keep it cool

A hot shower at the end of the day sure sounds relaxing, but did you know that washing your hair in hot water is a one-way ticket to faded hair colour? The heat from your shower causes your hair’s cuticles to open, making the colour pigments in your strands wash away and go down the drain! Turn down the temperature while washing your hair to prevent it from getting dull and lacklustre quickly.

5. Skip the heat styling tools

The heat from your straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers not only damages your hair fibres but also affects your hair colour. Give your locks a break from the hair styling tools if you want to hold on to your coloured hair for longer. Air dry and towel dry your hair as much as you can and opt for heatless hair styles, your hair colour will thank you! And if you absolutely cannot do without your styling tools, use a leave-in heat protectant to shield your hair from the heat and nourish your hair strands.

6. Prep your hair for the pool

If you love swimming and are a frequent swimmer, this hair colour tip is for you. The chlorine in swimming pools fast-forwards fading, so it is important to establish a pre-pool hair care routine to protect your hair colour. Apply a deep conditioner, hair oil, or hair serum to your hair and tie it up in a bun or braids to minimize the exposure of your hair’s surface to the chlorinated water. We also recommend wearing a swimming cap to completely shield your hair from the water.

7. Revive your hair colour

No matter how well you take care of your hair colour, it is bound to gradually fade over time. And if you are not ready for your next hair colouring session just yet, simply refresh your hair colour at home with a 5 minute hair colouring session. Sounds impossible right? The Garnier Men Shampoo Color is an innovative hair colour for men that let’s you refresh your hair colour, touch up your roots, and cover your greys with no prep and hardly any development time. This men’s hair colour is as easy to use as shampoo!

Whether you are flaunting a subtle brown hair colour of have gone all out with a funky hue, follow these hair colour tips to keep your colour looking fresh and bright.