Winter Hair Care: 5 Tips to Maintain and Add Shine to Hair Shine During Winters Winter Hair Care: 5 Tips to Maintain and Add Shine to Hair Shine During Winters

Winter Hair Care: 5 Tips to Maintain and Add Shine to Hair Shine During Winters

Do you know that lack of moisture during the winter season can strip away your hair’s natural shine and make the tresses look dull, frizzy, and lifeless? When the temperature drops, the moisture level in the air also goes down, which can cast a negative effect on one’s hair health. Not only the hair loses its shine but it also turns unruly, which ultimately leads to hair breakage and damage. This calls for indulging in winter hair care. If you don’t know where to start, read on! In this piece, we have shortlisted 5 genius tips that would help you add shine to the hair.

5 Winter Hair Care Tips to Have Healthy & Shiny Hair

Listed below are 5 winter hair care tricks that would help you get healthy and shiny hair:

1. Take care of your scalp

Looking for some of the best winter hair care tips for shiny hair? Well, start by focusing on your scalp and indulge in frequent scalp massages. Massaging your scalp helps stimulate blood flow, increase natural oil production and reduce scalp build-up. The process also helps to promote hair growth. Therefore, this winter, give your scalp a good massage to enjoy healthy, shiny hair. You can also include an oil treatment in your winter hair care ritual to get shiny hair. Argan oil and coconut oil are some  of the best oils for hair that make your tresses shiny. 

2. Use a Gentle Shampoo

The accumulation of dirt and dust on the scalp during winters can affect your hair health and make it dull and lifeless. Try including a nourishing, strong shampoo in your winter hair care routine to  moisturise, nourish, and  add shine to the hair.

3. Comb your hair regularly

Combing your hair regularly not only helps to increase blood circulation but also  increases your hair’s shine during winters. However, try including a boar bristle brush in your winter hair care vanity because this type of brush helps to seal the cuticles and add shine to the hair. Also, when you comb your hair, the brush helps to spread the natural oils on your scalp properly and turn your locks super healthy and shiny.  

4. Avoid frequent hair styling

If you frequently use hair styling tools like a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron, you are risking your hair health as these tools can make your hair dry and soak all the natural shine. Go for heat-free hair styling tools like curling rollers instead, and get the desired results without any damage. Pro tip: Include a nourishing hair serum in your winter hair care routine and apply it before using any heat styling tools. Hair serums create a protective layer, and act as a barrier to guard your hair from the effects of heat styling. 

5. Use cold water for hair cleansing

Wondering  how to have shiny hair during winters? An easy and effortless way is to rinse your hair with cold water.  Cold water helps close the hair cuticles after every wash. A cuticle is the outermost layer, which is formed with overlapping cells. When these overlapping cells sit separately and lay flat, light reflects on the surface of the hair and makes them glossy and shiny.

Pro tip: Warm water does not seal hair cuticles the right way but cold water does. However, you can use warm water for shampooing to ensure that maximum product reaches the strands, followed by conditioning and cold water rinse to lock the moisture and add shine to hair. You can choose a nourishing, strong conditioner to add shine to hair during winter.

Looking for an effective hair shine treatment? Follow these tips to add shine to your hair.  Addtionally, choose your diet wisely because the secret to shiny hair lies in your diet. Try including foods rich in vitamin A and C, and omega- 3 fatty acids in your diet and upgrade your winter hair care routine.

Now that you know how to have shiny hair during winter, go ahead and flaunt the hair of your dreams.  Follow these tips and take good care of your hair. Prepare a thorough winter hair care routine, and choose your products and diet wisely. 

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