Tips to Care for your Hair Tips to Care for your Hair

Tips to Care for your Hair

No matter what type of hair you have – curly, straight, wavy, colour-treated, thick or thin – everyone wants a healthy head of hair – be it a man or a woman. In today’s age of harsh chemical hair treatments, hot blow-dries, perms and frequent hair colouring, damaged hair is a given. Before you start feeling helplessly stuck with dry, brittle hair that’s prone to breakage, try making these little adjustments to your hair care routine. With a little patience and practice, healthy, shiny hair can be a few weeks away.

Wash your hair less often-

Water makes hair swell up which causes frizziness and breakage. If you love taking a hot shower, remember that the heat quickly strips your hair of its natural moisture, making it look lacklustre and weakening the hair follicles. Don’t wash your hair more than required. If you wash your hair once in 3 days, try to push it to once in 4 days. Shower using lukewarm water and pick a shampoo that removes grease and sweat from your scalp while infusing it with fortifying ingredients. Garnier’s range of hair care products such as the shampoos and conditioners are specifically formulated keeping unique hair types and hair problems in mind. They are infused with natural ingredients such as almond oil, olive oil and more, to keep your locks looking shiny and strong.

Go Natural-

Your hair is often pulled back into a tight bun, twisted into braids, straightened with hot irons, teased, coloured and more. After enduring so much, give it a rest when you can, so your hair can recuperate. Avoid heat-styling products unless you absolutely need to use them, keep it out of ponytails and headbands, and let it air dry at least once a week.

The scalp is just as important as your hair – In the pursuit of perfect hair, the scalp is often forgotten. Most often, the root of hair problems is the scalp itself. A dry, itchy scalp needs to be treated as they can cause you to itch and break hair. If you have an oily scalp, stay away from oiling your hair further, as the natural oil produced already lends shine to your hair.

Deep Condition once a week-

A healthy habit recommended by most hair care experts is to deep condition your hair. Incorporate Garnier’s deep conditioner into your weekly hair care routine. This not only reverses the damage caused by environmental factors, travel, heat and more, but also nourishes, hydrates and gives hair the boost it needs to look its best. There are hair conditioners for every type of hair, so pick one that’s best suited to you.

Stop Touching your hair-

Keep your hands away from your tresses. Twirling hair around your fingers, constant tying and untying, playing with your hair etc increases the tugging and pulling that the hair shaft has to endure. It is also a major cause for split ends. Make a conscious effort to leave your hair alone.

Change your hair care products according to the weather-

When you find products that work for your hair, it’s hard to switch it up. But remember, your hair care needs, like your skincare ones, differ with the season. In winter, choose Garnier hair care products that nourish and strengthen your hair, while in summer, hydrating shampoos and conditioners are a must. Similarly, in the winter, you could opt for hair care products that contain natural oils to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy, whereas in summer, choosing lightweight formulas that don’t weigh your hair down is a smart choice to make. Incorporate these hair care tips into your daily routine and with a little pampering, your hair will soon thank you with silken strands that look and feel great!