Best Oils for Hair Best Oils for Hair

Best Oils for Hair

A bittersweet memory we all have from our childhood is our mother or grandmother forcefully oiling our hair. While we hated the feeling of oily hair and couldn’t wait to wash it off, hair oiling worked amazingly for our hair. Using oils for hair religiously helps to strengthen your hair and also improve its quality. It promotes good scalp health by improving blood circulation. A good hair massage while hair oiling helps to relax and calm you.

Now that we have established a few benefits of oiling our hair, it is time to pick the right oil. There are several oils for hair that are good, but we are here with our top four recommendations. Let’s learn about them in detail!

1. Coconut oil

The cornerstone of every Indian household, coconut oil and hair oiling go hand in hand. Coconut oil is one of the most commonly used oils for hair. Coconut oil for hair helps to strengthen it and helps add shine to your tresses. It is also widely one of the best oils to use on your hair to reduce protein loss. Using coconut oil for hair before rinsing prevents your scalp from becoming overly dry. It also protects your scalp from damage when it is wet and from external aggressors.

2. Almond oil

If you have dry hair, hair oiling with almond oil will transform it. Almonds are rich in high levels of protein, omega-9 fatty acids, and vitamin E. These almond properties make using its oil for hair oiling extremely beneficial. Almond oil for hair has a very emollient texture, which means it penetrates deep into your scalp. It fills in the gaps and makes your hair feel softer, smoother and shinier.

The emollient nature of almond oil for hair makes it great to rescue the appearance of split ends and also strengthens the shafts of your hair. The high content of vitamin E also helps to boost hair growth. For best results, you can warm up almond oil and use it on the scalp and lengths of your hair. This will help your almond oil for hair absorb better.

3. Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil has recently become very popular for hair oiling. It is perfect for people that have extremely frizzy and dry hair. Macadamia oil is rich in fatty acids, magnesium, oleic acid, calcium, and antioxidants. Topically applying macadamia oil for hair can deeply nourish and hydrate your hair. Products like macadamia shampoo, macadamia conditioner and macadamia oil infused hair masks also help to deeply nourish your hair. These products also help to tame down frizzy hair and make it more manageable. Products with macadamia oil for hair also add intense shine to your hair. It helps to effectively make your hair smooth, shiny and manageable.

4. Argan oil

Popularly known as liquid gold, argan oil is a miracle worker for hair. Argan oil for hair moisturizes, protects hair, adds shine, and increases the elasticity of your tresses. Argan oil thoroughly hydrates your hair and prevents hair breakage. Using this liquid gold for hair oiling will give you beautiful, luscious and healthy hair. You can also add argan oil to your DIY hair masks and make them even more hydrating!

Hair oiling is the secret to healthy hair. Use any of the above oils or mix a few of them together at least once a week. You’re sure to have long, strong and hydrated hair!