Friendship’s Day Gift Ideas Friendship’s Day Gift Ideas

Friendship’s Day Gift Ideas

Friendship’s Day is around the corner, and this is the time for you to gift your best friend something unique that he or she will not only love but also use regularly – we’re talking about skincare and haircare products. Looking for Friendship Day gifts for best friends who are devoted to a perfect skincare and haircare routine and not sure what to get them? Don’t worry as we’re here to help you with some thoughtful Friendship’s Day gift ideas that will surely impress your friend. Even if your friends have a variety of these products, they will definitely be super excited and happy to receive some new ones to add to their growing collection. So, below are some Friendship’s Day hampers or gifts that will please every skincare and haircare enthusiast.

Friendship’s Day gifts for her 

1. Cleanser

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in any girl’s regular skincare routine. So, shower your girl best friend by gifting her a gentle yet effective cleanser. This will help her remove excess dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin which in turn will keep skin problems at bay and reveal radiant, clean, and happy skin with ease. You can also pair the cleanser with a soothing facewash to reduce dullness, clarify the skin and bring back the lost glow.

2. Vitamin C serum 

Help your buddy reduce dark spots, acne marks, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging and achieve a spotless complexion by getting her a vitamin C serum. Gifting her a vitamin C enriched skincare product will let her know that you’ve always got her back and can protect her from everything - including the sun and the harsh weather. 

3. Moisturiser and SPF

Moisturisation is non-negotiable as it is the key to happy and healthy skin and the best way to help your friend achieve the skin of her dreams is by gifting her a hydrating moisturiser. Additionally, another Friendship’s Day gift idea is to get a cream with broad-spectrum SPF that will shield her skin from the harsh rays of the sun, sunburn, sun-tan, and protect from other aggressors such as pollution and dust.

4. Sheet mask

A great way to show your friend you love her without having to say it is by gifting her sheet masks. A sheet mask allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin which in turn helps to trap moisture, hydrate the skin, and make it look glowing and feel soft and supple. You can choose from a wide variety of sheet masks such as charcoal, Sakura white, and green tea or night mask, vitamin C, orange eye mask and hyaluronic acid sheet mask

5. Shampoo and conditioner

Protect and bring life to your friend’s hair by surprising her with a silicone-free shampoo and paraben-free conditioner combo. This will not only keep her strands clean and fresh but also hydrated and nourished.

6. Hair mask

If your friend is a fan of hair spas or loves visiting the salon frequently, a hair mask is the perfect Friendship’s Day gift for her. Using a hydrating hair mask is the secret to getting perfectly bouncy and healthy hair at home and this deep conditioning treatment is an effective solution to banish all hair concerns. So, now is the time for you to help your friend achieve the salon-like blowout without burning a hole in your pocket.

7. Serum

Excessive hair fall and split ends letting your best buddy down? Get her a serum to detangle unruly hair, smoothen the hair and achieve smoother, longer, stronger, and shinier hair without weighing it down.

8. Hair colour

Got a friend who loves trying a variety of hair colours now and then? Gift her sachets of brown, burgundy, red or black hair colour shades which will give her long-lasting and natural-looking hair colour without any hassle.

Friendship’s Day gifts for him 

1. Facewash 

Show some love to your guy friend by gifting him a gentle yet effective face wash that will cleanse the skin deeply and remove dirt, dust, and impurities from the skin, which will keep skin problems away. If your friend has oily skin, go for a face wash for oily skin whereas if he’s looking for something to fight signs of ageing and get rid of acne, buy him an anti-pimple facewash

2. Moisturiser

You probably know that using a moisturiser daily has a variety of benefits. So, now is the chance for you to help your friend achieve maximum skin benefits by giving him a brightening moisturiser. This will help prevent dark spots, acne spots, uneven skin tone, and cell damage and also protect the skin from the harsh sun rays. 

3. Facemask 

Friendship’s Day is the best day to pamper your guy friend with the goodness and warmth of a face mask. You can opt for the detoxifying charcoal mask that will intensely hydrate and purify the skin while also unclogging and tightening pores. This face mask is super easy to use and specially designed for men to fit their faces with ease. 

4. Shampoo colour 

Have a buddy who doesn’t like greys and wants to keep his hair tip-top all year round? Here’s a great Friendship’s Day gift idea for him – the Shampoo Colour. This shampoo like hair colour is easy to use, long-lasting and gets the job done with a blink of an eye. You can choose from shades such as natural black, black-brown and burgundy depending on your friend’s likes and needs. Not sure which shade will suit him the best? All you need to do is simply upload a picture of your friend on the Garnier Virtual Try-On tool and select the best-suited shade virtually, without any commitments. So, what are you waiting for? 

Keep these Friendship Day gifts for best friend in mind and browse through a wide range of Garnier skincare, Garnier men and more products to pamper your friends this special day!