Garnier Fresh Mix Hyaluronic Acid Serum Sheet Mask 33g

₹ 150.00 MSRP

Turn back the clock and regain your youthful complexion with Garnier Fresh Mix Hyaluronic Shot Serum Sheet Mask. This mix-and-use sheet mask for women reduces fine lines, smoothens the skin and gives you an enviable dewy glow in 15 minutes. Throughout the regular application, you'll find the elasticity of your skin returning.


How To Use

Fold sachet inwards as per the arrows and dotted lines. Then fold outwards following the arrows. Push the liquid until the seal opens following the MIX IT arrow. Push all the liquid towards the tissue mask. Open the sachet and apply the mask on clean face. Remove the mask after 15mins. Massage any excess serum into the skin.


Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid

Product Information

Garnier Fresh Mix Vitamin Hyaluronic Shot Serum Sheet Mask is a unique, cutting-edge beauty product for women. It helps plump the skin and reduces fine lines while bringing back the youthful elasticity of your skin. This unique sheet mask by Garnier contains a dry algae sheet mask and the Hyaluronic shot that is to be mixed before application to turn the dry mask into that of a jelly-like consistency. Get luminous, smoother skin in just 15 minutes.