Garnier Men Power White Brightening MoisturiserGarnier Men Power White Brightening MoisturiserGarnier Men Power White Brightening Moisturiser b6UiH66kM2Q

Anti - Pollution Brightening Moisturiser, 20g Anti - Pollution Brightening Moisturiser, 40g Anti - Pollution Brightening Moisturiser, 50g Garnier Men

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Revive tired-looking skin that’s at the mercy of dust and pollution. Garnier Power White Moisturizer is ideal for those who suffer from uneven skin tone, dark spots and cell damage. Packed with the enriching properties of green tea and lemon, it works to cleanse the skin of impurities while leaving it soft and supple. UV protection filters shield your skin from sun damage.

How To Use

  • Cleanse your face with Garnier Men Power White Face Wash
  • Apply Power White Moisturizer onto dry face


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Product Information

Boost your confidence with lighter, brighter-looking skin. This lightweight cream is infused with lemon and green tea extracts that not only moisturizes but helps in reducing dark spots and uneven skin tone.


  • Enriched with the goodness of lemon and green tea
  • Protection from the sun with UV filters
  • Light-weight formula
  • Leaves no traces - invisible on the skin
  • Brightens dull skin and protects from pollution