Black Rice Benefits for Glowing Skin Black Rice Benefits for Glowing Skin

Black Rice Benefits for Glowing Skin

Black rice, also known as forbidden rice, is glutinous or sticky rice with a purple colour appearance. It is considered an important crop in Asia, and is rich in 18 amino acids, minerals and vitamins like copper, iron, zinc and carotene. It is also known for containing great detoxifying ingredients with strong healing properties.

What’s more, black rice can also be used as one of the most effective tips for glowing skin. Surprised? We all have heard of the benefits of applying white rice water, but have you ever wondered what your skin would be like after incorporating black rice? Read on to know more about this new magic ingredient in the skincare world.

History of black rice

Black rice is a type of rice that belongs to the Oryza sativa L. species. This rice gets its signature black purple colour from a pigment named anthocyanin. Thousands of years ago in ancient China, black rice was considered so unique and nutritious that it was forbidden for common people and reserved only for the royal family. Apart from benefitting the skin, this antioxidant-rich forbidden rice also helps boost heart health, supports eye health, protects against certain forms of cancer, aids weight loss and more. For now, let’s look at how black rice benefits your skin and help achieve that envious glow.

Black rice benefits for skin

• Deeply cleanses

To maintain your skin’s health and radiance, it needs regular cleansing. Black rice is rich in nine essential ingredients that help to cleanse and refresh the skin deeply. It also protects the skin from harmful free radicals, without causing any irritation.

• Brightens complexion

The hero ingredient, black rice, promises to create a visible difference in your skin. Black rice provides your skin with protective antioxidants, helps calm irritated skin and fights dullness to clarify your skin’s complexion, making your skin feel soft, supple, and plump all the time.

• Soothes the skin

Black rice penetrates deep into the skin, leaving a soothing effect. The presence of antioxidants protects the skin from harmful aggressors and keep it looking healthier for a long time. Black rice also helps maintain the moisture of the skin at optimum level and accelerate the healing process of the skin.

• Hydrates the skin

Black rice removes all the impurities and toxins from your skin and leave it moisturized and nourished. It also helps to get rid of redness, breakouts and other skin problems. One of the best parts about using black rice or products infused with it is that it prevents the skin from signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and more and contains perfect skin-firming properties.

• Exfoliates dead cells

Black rice is an excellent exfoliating agent when it comes to removing dead skin cells and accelerates skin cell renewal. If you’ve been looking for a way to detox your skin, introduce your skin to black rice. Scrubbing also helps oxygen to travel through the skin. However, it is recommended to avoid over-exfoliating your skin as it can lead to dryness, irritation, and inflammation. You can do it once or thrice a week, depending on your skin type.

Now that we’ve listed the amazing benefits of black rice, you must be wondering how to incorporate black rice into your skincare routine? Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered. The good news is that we’ve got an all in one solution to address most of your skin issues and achieve maximum benefits. One of the easiest things that you can do, right now, is try the Garnier Black Rice Pure Charcoal Serum Sheet Mask. This sheet mask helps to purify, hydrate and add a glow to your skin. This hydrating face mask is enriched with black rice extracts that protect your skin from environmental aggressors, such as pollution or sun damage. Enriched with charcoal, the Garnier face mask helps detoxify your skin and infuses it with one week’s worth of serum in just 15 minutes!

Apart from the charcoal face mask, you can explore Garnier’s wide range of face masks for glowing skin such as Hydra Bomb, Sakura Glow, Ageless White, Fresh Mix, etc., and there’s one for each to address specific skin concerns. It is recommended that you use a Garnier face mask at least three times a week to give your skin the care and boost it needs.