5 Beard Problems Men Face 5 Beard Problems Men Face

5 Beard Problems Men Face

Men will agree that the journey of maintaining a flawless, rugged bearded look is no less than a bumpy ride. From mild skin discomfort to serious beard hygiene issues, the list is endless, and not to forget, frustrating. These beard problems often put men in second thoughts on whether they should keep their beard (despite the stubborn beard skin problems) or simply shave it off to avoid these woes altogether. No matter what beard problem you are struggling with, there are solutions aka cures to every beard-induced skin issue. In this piece, we have accumulated the common beard problems men usually face and provided solutions as well. So, pause for a while and read this beard care guide for a healthy bearded look.

Types of beard problems

Here is a list of 5 common beard problems men usually face;

• Dry skin under beard

Just when you start to feel that you have achieved the neat, bearded look of your dreams, a common beard skin problem aka dry skin under beard can overpower your look. The causes of dry skin under beard include genetics, using harsh beard grooming products, unfavourable climate, taking hot showers, etc. You must treat this condition immediately as it can trigger other potential skin woes like dandruff.

Solution: You can prevent dry skin under beard by limiting hot showers, using the right beard care products, and following a healthy beard care routine.

• Itchy beard

An itchy beard is one of the most prominent beard problems that potentially affects your overall appearance. Depending on the severity of the issue, you can experience mild itchiness or in worst cases, constant beard itch. Dry skin under the beard, razor burn, sensitivity to products and formulations can be the culprits behind this beard problem.

Solution: Increase the moisture content in your skin by using vitamin E and almond oil-infused beard oil. While vitamin E helps promote a healthy beard, almond oil reduces inflammation and prevents dryness. Since dull or blunt razors and dry shaving can cause razor burn and itchiness, you can replace your shaving tools whenever they stop feeling sharp enough and adopt healthy shaving practices, and be attentive to prep your face before shaving. Finally, skim through the ingredients list before selecting any beard care product. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, try opting for fragrance-free lotions and creams.

• Beard dandruff

Beard skin problems can present themselves in the form of beard dandruff. Seborrheic dermatitis often causes beard dandruff where you might notice flaky and scaly red skin, patches of greasy skin, white or yellow scales, or crust.

Solution: Apply anti-dandruff beard wash or shampoo for best results. Massage the shampoo or wash for at least five minutes to ensure the product reaches each facial hair and the skin underneath. Additionally, try to exfoliate with a beard brush to banish dead skin cells, and don’t forget to moisturise your facial hair thoroughly (as dry skin under your beard can cause dandruff).

• Ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs, also referred to as razor bumps, are hair strands that grow back into the skin post shaving. Irritation, small bumps with hairs, itching are some of the tell-tale signs of ingrown hair and affects those with thick, curly or coarse beard.

Solution: To get rid of this beard problem, try using an electric razor and shaving in the direction of hair. Applying warm compresses on the affected area can also help open pores and release the trapped ingrown hairs.

• Beard acne

Another frustrating beard problem that men face is beard acne. Having acne-prone skin, overactive sebaceous glands at the skin surface, clogged pores, poor hygiene, bacterial infection, and ingrown hair can be considered the potential causes of beard acne.   

Solution: Cleanse your skin regularly and exfoliate thoroughly to slough off dead skin cells trapped under the skin. Additionally, try to keep your skin supremely hydrated (to regulate sebum production) and apply beard oil to prevent dryness and inflammation under the beard.

Apart from the above-mentioned facial hair woes, there are various issues like beard growth problems and premature greying of beard or white hair problems. Comb your beard regularly in the right beard growth direction and consume a balanced diet to help promote beard growth to some extent. On the other hand, massaging essential oils, eating antioxidant rich foods, and adopting healthy lifestyle choices (by cutting down cigarettes) can also help prevent premature greying of the beard.

Now that you know the common beard problems and their solutions, you can take care of your beard in the right way and flaunt a healthy bearded look. If you require additional assistance on beard care, beard grooming products and regular skincare, browse through the Garnier skincare products and skincare tips.