Beard Acne: Causes and Treatment Beard Acne: Causes and Treatment

Beard Acne: Causes and Treatment

While you enjoy your appearance with a long bushy beard, you often tend to ignore your facial hair and leave it unattended. Not maintaining your beard may not seem important or a problem at first, but just when you think that you have successfully mastered the beard game by growing a beard, you may start experiencing the nightmare of every man: beard acne. Red bumps under the beard can become visible and ruin the look of a well-groomed beard. However, you can get rid of these angry-looking pimples and excruciating pain by treating them properly and following a thorough skincare routine. But before that, you must know the causes to treat them from within, read on!

What causes beard acne? 

Beard acne, also known as folliculitis is pimples that grow inside or underneath the facial hair. These beard pimples can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Acne caused by bacteria (poor beard hygiene and accumulation of dust, dirt, and sebum becomes breeding ground of bacteria)
  • Acne caused by In-grown hair (when shaved facial hair starts to grow sideways into the skin instead of toward the surface, incorrect trimming or shaving techniques usually lead to this)
  • If you have acne-prone skin

How to treat beard acne?

You can treat beard pimples by following the tips mentioned below:

• Cleanse your beard regularly

As mentioned earlier, acne on beard area can be caused by bacteria which means you need to wash your facial hair regularly to maintain optimal beard hygiene. Wash your beard while cleansing your face.

Pro tip: Choose a face wash or beard wash after determining your skin type. For instance, if you have acne-prone skin you can rely on an anti-pimple face wash that would help to resolve acne-related issues as well as soothe skin.

• Exfoliate the skin underneath your beard

Exfoliating your beard once or twice a week is not only necessary to remove dead cells and clear pores but also to stimulate facial hair growth.

Pro tip: Don’t torment your face and facial hair by rubbing the scrub very hard as this incorrect massaging technique might tear the hair follicles of your beard. Include exfoliation in your skincare routine and say goodbye to beard acne.

• Moisturize your skin

Whether you have short-boxed beard, chin strap beard, or balbo beard, you need to keep your skin and beard moisturized. Moisturizer provides your skin with the required hydration and keeps your skin fresh and cool.

Pro tip: Pick a moisturizer as per your skin type or nature of work. For instance, those who have acne-prone skin can choose pimple clearing mouisturizer. Alternatively, those who encounter an excessive amount of dust and dirt on a daily basis can opt for anti-pollution moisturizer.  

• Include beard oil in your routine

Including beard oil in your skincare routine would help you prevent dryness, reduce inflammation and beard itching, and treat acne under beard. Choose almond oil and vitamin E-enriched strong beard oil and get a smoother nourished beard in no time.

Pro tip: Wash your beard properly to ensure no residue of beard oil remains on the skin for a long time.

• Indulge in beard combing

Combing your facial hair helps prevent ingrown hair (one of the main causes of beard acne) and make sure your hair grows in the right direction. Also, if you use beard oil after applying moisturizer or beard oil, you can reap maximum benefits as these products get the chance to spread evenly on your skin and hair.

Pro tip: Take a wider-set toothbrush for a thick beard and a smaller-tooth brush for short beards. 

Now that you know the methods of beard acne treatment, you can take good care of your facial hair and keep all the beard-related woes at bay. Browse through the wide range of Garnier skincare products and get pimple-free skin and a smooth and nourished beard.