Guide to Using Semi-Permanent Hair Color Guide to Using Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Guide to Using Semi-Permanent Hair Color

You may come across numerous hair coloring trends while scrolling on social media and if you are the one who loves the idea of a fun hair makeover without the commitment of permanent color, you should try applying semi-permanent hair color. Using semi-permanent hair color is a great way to flaunt an exciting new look, without long-term obligation to a specific color. In case you fall in love with the semi-permanent hair color shade, you can continue using the same shade for touch-ups or try something new once it fades out. Wondering how to apply semi-permanent hair color at home? For how long will it last? And how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know about using semi-permanent hair color.

What is semi-permanent hair color?

Semi-permanent hair color is a temporary way to change your hair color. It is a non-damaging way of coloring your hair and doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide, unlike most permanent formulas. This type of hair color coats the surface of the hair shaft rather than the inner cuticle of the hair. Semi-permanent hair color generally lasts for four to six weeks and gradually washes out of the hair when you shampoo it. It is a great way to cover up your greys and add gloss and shine to dull-looking hair with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to switch up your style without making a long-lasting commitment by using semi-permanent hair color.

How to apply semi-permanent hair color? 

Applying semi-permanent hair color is super easy and a matter of a few minutes. All it takes is the right prep and a little know-how to excel using semi-permanent hair color at home. Here’s how –

Step 1 – Set your surroundings right

Keep your hair care products and a bowl, hair coloring brush, some clips, gloves, and towel handy. Wear a pair of dark, old clothes as you may end up staining your pretty clothes. Get in a comfortable position to prevent neck sprains.

Step 2 – Prep your hair

Ensure that your hair is clean before applying the color. Use a gentle shampoo to remove dirt, dust, and debris from your scalp. This will cleanse your hair without stripping off the natural moisture from your strands. Follow it up with a vegan conditioner to prevent any damage, nourish the hair and leave it feeling soft, smooth, and supple.

Step 3 – Apply the semi-permanent hair color

Apply the semi-permanent hair color on dry or damp hair. Towel-dried hair will allow it to soak up the color better. Spread the color evenly onto the desired areas. Make sure that you carefully follow all the directions of the application as mentioned in the instructions. Leave the color to sit for about 15 to 20 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly with water. Then, style your hair as usual.

Step 4 – Keep your colored treated hair healthy

The semi-permanent hair color can last for four to six weeks, depending on your hair’s porosity. And even though the color is semi-permanent, you’ll want to develop the right hair care routine to extend the lifespan of your color for as long as possible. So, try switching your regular hair care shampoo with a silicone-free, paraben-free shampoo which will help replenish your hair with moisture and won’t strip away the color from your hair.  

Follow this simple guide and browse through a wide range of Garnier hair care products to flaunt the hair of your dreams effortlessly.