4 Hair Coloring Styles that are low maintenance 4 Hair Coloring Styles that are low maintenance

Hair Coloring Trends Your Must Try!

The feeling of freshly colored hair is unmatched. Your tresses look toned and full of life. However, after a few weeks, your hair color starts to fade away and your roots start to grow out. As fun as hair coloring can be, maintaining your hair color can be tiresome. But this is no reason to avoid coloring your hair! What if we told you, we had hair coloring ideas that required very little upkeep? We are here with four hair coloring ideas that look beautiful and are very low in maintenance.

1. Balayage

One of our favourite hair coloring styles, a balayage is every girl’s best friend. Its versatility and low upkeep are what has helped it gain immense popularity in the last few years. The technique of balayage is a well-blended hair color that incorporates highlights where the sun naturally hits your hair. This will create a beautiful sun-kissed look that gives your hair a beautiful body and life. The best part about a balayage is how low maintenance it is. It requires no touch-ups and even when your hair grows out, looks natural. The classic colour combination for a balayage is a mix of dark and light brown hair color with hints of blonde in them.

2. Red Dip Dye

The dip dye hair coloring trend is another classic that is low maintenance and loved by all. Dip dyeing your hair adds an element of fun to your hair, without causing any damage to it. To get a dip dye, you simply add to colour the ends of your hair. This hair coloring technique works perfectly if you have naturally dark or black hair color. You can experiment with different colors to achieve the dip dye look, however, we recommend a poppy red hair color. Red colored tips add an element of fun to your hair and look youthful. This technique is very low maintenance as only your tips are colored and require no touch-up or toning.

3. Burgundy Ombre

Several trends have come and gone in the world of hair coloring, however, the trend of getting an ombre is evergreen. An ombre hair color is when there is a seamless blend of colors from light to dark. The hair color is also concentrated at the lower end of your hair and doesn’t require any root touch up. Our top pick for an ombre is a blend of burgundy hair color and naturally dark hair. The undertones of purple and red are great as they add movement and dimension to your tresses. Burgundy hair color is the perfect balance of experimental, yet subdued and creates a beautiful look. If you are looking for burgundy hair colors that give you the perfect color pay-off, the Garnier hair color range is the perfect pick for you.

4. Caramel babylights

If you are a fan of balayage but want something bolder, babylights are the perfect hair coloring trend for you. Babylights are a cross between highlights and balayage where colour is added to smaller sections of hair to give it a more blended and sun-kissed appearance. However, unlike a global hair color, babylights don’t start from the roots making it super low maintenance. A mix of dark brown hair color along with tones of caramel brown will create the perfect contrast for a beautiful babylights looks.

And there you have it, four low maintenance hair coloring ideas that will surely transform your look and give you beautifully colored hair.