8 Major Causes Of Dry Hair That You Need To Know! 8 Major Causes Of Dry Hair That You Need To Know!

8 Major Causes Of Dry Hair That You Need To Know!

Wondering why your hair is so dry and brittle? The hair becomes dry when it doesn’t get or retain the moisture it needs. This reduces sheen and can make your hair appear dull and unhealthy. Developing dry hair is one of the most common hair problems that people face and can happen at any age. Not sure where this dryness comes from, regardless of religiously following your dry hair care routine? The best approach to fixing dry hair is by understanding the causes of dry hair and we’re here to help you with that. Here are the causes of dry hair that you probably missed.

What causes dry hair?

Here’s a compiled list of all the causes of dry hair:

1. Over-washing

Over-washing your hair is one of the primary reasons for dry hair. This habit can deprive your tresses of its natural oils, which in turn can lead to dry strands. Maintaining hair hygiene is important but you should also monitor the frequency of your hair wash routine, depending on your hair type and needs.

Pro tip: If you wash your hair daily, switch to alternate days and if you wash alternately, then try washing it once in three days.

2. Using the wrong shampoo

Another primary reason for dry hair can be the type of shampoo you use. Remember, not all shampoos are your hair’s best friend. Some shampoos contain harsh cleansing agents that can strip off the natural moisture barrier of your scalp and strands. We recommend using a nourishing shampoo that suits your hair type and can help get rid of split ends and hair breakage that results due to hair dryness.

3. Skipping the conditioner

Skipping conditioner is also a part of the list of hair dryness reasons. People often tend to skip applying conditioner to save time thinking it is somewhat unnecessary. However, this can affect the health of your hair to a large extent. Conditioners contain moisturising properties that prevent your hair from drying. So, make sure to apply nourishing conditioner during every hair-washing session to deeply nourish your hair.

Pro tip: For best results, use a strong hair serum to smoothen out hair, discipline unruly hair, and prevent split end and breakage.

4. Avoiding hair oils

Do you know what causes dry hair? Irregular oiling of hair or not oiling it at all can make it more prone to dryness and frizziness. You need to give your hair a hot oil massage at least once a week, not only to keep it hydrated but also to help yourself feel relaxed.

5. Excessive heat styling tools

We agree that heat styling tools can help you achieve the desired look but unfortunately, these are one of the biggest culprits and the most common causes of dry hair. Excessive use of heat-styling tools can strip the natural oils off your scalp and disturb the health of your hair, leaving it fried and dried.

Pro tip: To protect the health of your strands, try unique heatless hairstyles instead of styling your hair with heat.

6. Chemical treatments

Exposing your hair to chemical treatments such as perming, straightening, and colouring your hair can also be considered among the many hair dryness reasons. The presence of harsh agents in these treatments break down the natural keratin and protein bonds of your hair and leave it feeling dry.

7. Environmental factors

Wondering what are the causes of dry hair? Over-exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun, extreme heat, cold and breezy winds, heavy rainfall, pollution, and dust can cause dry hair. Chlorinated water is also one of the reasons for dry hair. Apart from making your hair feel dry, these factors can also lead to hair fall.

8. Unhealthy diet

The health of your hair also depends on what you consume. An unhealthy diet, consuming excessive alcohol, smoking, and keeping your body dehydrated can leave your hair feeling dried and looking frizzy, and unhealthy.

Now that you know the causes of dry hair, you can take care of your tresses the right way (by eating healthy foods, using the right hair care products, and building a thorough hair care routine for dry hair).

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