Winter Skincare Routine Winter Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Routine

The colder months are almost here, and it is time to start prepping for them. While you take out all your sweaters, comforters and shawls, it is a good idea to refresh your winter skincare stash as well. It is important to have a skincare routine across the year, however, your skin needs a special winter skincare routine. You need to pamper your skin with extra love and care during wintery months. The cold and harsh winds suck out the moisture from your skin making them feel super dry and dull. Not anymore though! It is time to get rid of ashy skin and add life back to it! Build your winter skincare routine with the range of Garnier products that are sure to add life back to your skin!

1. Winter cocoon for face and body

The Garnier Winter cocoon range is here to be your best friend this winter. Incorporate this range into your winter skincare routine and prepare the skin of your face and body to bear the brunt of cold days and nights! This range of Garnier moisturisers is formulated to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, without making it feel greasy.

Garnier Body Cocoon Moisturizing Lotion
is packed with skin-loving ingredients like apricot kernel oil and nutritive fruit oils to soften and bring dry skin to life. This Garnier moisturiser for the body relieves your skin from the feeling of being too dry, rough and tight, and instead making it supple, soft and smooth. The Garnier Winter Cocoon Nourishing Cold Cream is rich in honey, shea butter and Vitamin E. This Garnier moisturiser as a part of your winter skincare routine will lock in nourishment and keep the skin on your face feeling hydrated.

2. Night cream

Deep nourishment is very important for your skin to stay healthy through the wintery months. The best way to deeply hydrate and nourish your face is by using a Garnier Night Cream. Night creams are rich in nature and help your skin recover overnight.

The Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Yoghurt Night Cream is highly effective in deeply nourishing the skin, keeping tanning at bay and reducing the appearance of dark spots. This Garnier night cream is enriched with Vitamin C, Lemon essence and Yoghurt Bifidus, which rejuvenates and brightens the skin while you get your beauty sleep.

3. Hand cream

This is the one winter skincare product that is highly underrated. Dry, flaky and cracked hands are very common during the colder months. It is time to bid adieu to them and have soft hands this winter. Hand creams are a great product to incorporate in your winter skincare routine as it helps to keep the skin on your palms healthy. The Garnier Light Complete Hand Cream is infused with lemon essence and moisture repairing nutrients. This hand cream helps to strengthen your skin’s natural protective barriers. It has a lightweight, non-sticky formula that keeps it nourished and hydrated for up to 8 hours.

4. Sheet masks

Give your skin a boost of hydration with the range of Garnier sheet masks. Sheet masks are a great way to deliver moisture to your skin. They are drenched with Garnier serum that sinks deep into the skin. Use sheet masks as a part of your winter skincare routine three to four times a week to achieve baby soft skin.

5. Serum

While following a winter skincare routine, it is very important to go the extra mile to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and healthy. After cleansing your face using a vitamin C serum for your face, will nourish your skin and also brighten it. The Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Serum is an anti-oxidant rich face serum which hydrates, brightens your skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots on your face. This Garnier vitamin C serum is perfect to rejuvenate tiredness of dull skin, pigmentation, and dark spots. Apply this serum twice a day and pat it into your skin gently. In just three days of using this vitamin C serum, you will start to notice visible improvements in your skin.

It is important to tweak your skincare routine during the winters, so your skin can adapt to the colder weather. Incorporate these steps into your winter skincare routine to have glowy, healthy and hydrated skin!