Winter Skin Care Tips - Winter 2022 Winter Skin Care Tips - Winter 2022

Winter Skin Care Tips - Winter 2022

Alert! Winter is coming and so are the skin woes! And the cold and harsh weather can cast a significant impact on men as well. The season strips away moisture from the skin, making it dry and dehydrated. As the skin starts losing its lustre it appears dull and tired looking. Therefore, if you are suffering from dry, flaky skin and looking for pre-emptive winter skincare tips, we are here to help you. Here are some effective tips that would help you to rejuvenate dull skin this winter.

Create A Protective Skincare Routine

• Use Gentle Cleansers

The accumulation of dead cells is one of the primary reasons for dull skin. Hence, you must get rid of dead skin cells to get healthy skin. Essential male grooming products such as cleansers (here gentle cleansers) can help you eliminate impurities. If you have an active lifestyle and stay outdoors amidst dust, dirt, and pollution for a long time, you can opt for an anti-pollution double action facewash to get deep cleansing effect.

• Exfoliation Is Mandatory

When dead skin cells pile up on the outer layer of skin, it makes it look dull, and tired, and even clogs pores. In such cases, exfoliation can come to the rescue for men. Regular exfoliation enhances cell turnover and promotes collagen production. Follow this dull skincare routine for men and indulge in an exfoliation session twice a week to tackle your skin this winter efficiently.

• Moisturise Your Skin

Moisturisation is key to healthy rejuvenated skin and the winter skincare routine is incomplete without this essential grooming product. While choosing a moisturiser, look for ingredients such as ceramides, glycerin, etc. You can protect your skin from pollution as well as winter by selecting a glycerin-infused infused anti-pollution brightening moisturizer.

• Use Beard Oil

Winter blues can hit hard and make your skin look dull and more dehydrated if you have a long bushy beard. This is because when you grow facial hair, it soaks the moisture from the skin. During the winter season, this phenomenon intensifies resulting in a dry, flaky beard and itchiness. You can include vitamin E-enriched strong beard oil to prevent inflammation and address other skin troubles.  

• Apply Vitamin C-enriched Serum

This winter, men can bring back their lost lustre with a vitamin C-enriched face serum. Since dull skin lacks lustre, vitamin C-enriched serum can boost hydration and effectively brighten your dull skin.

• Add Face Mask to Your Line-up

A facemask is a perfect tool to hydrate and nourish your skin this winter. Looking for a sheet mask that would simultaneously deep cleanse and provide intense hydration? You can select charcoal facemask for men that would help to increase hydration level in your skin and add glow to it.

• Include Sunscreen

No matter whether you are indoors or outdoors, you must use sunscreen as harmful UV rays can increase skin issues, making it appear dull and lacklustre. Add sunscreen to your skincare routine for men and protect your skin from the negative impacts of UV rays.

Pro Tip:

Eat Well and Sleep Properly to Revive Your Dull Skin: Apart from using products of skincare during winter, you must focus on dietary choices and sleep schedule. Food choice and sleeping habit intensely impact your skin and its appearance. For instance, sugar-rich foods break down collagen and elastin over time and result in sagging skin and wrinkles. Caffeine and alcohol consumption make the skin dehydrated and choose your food wisely and ensure you take 8-9 hours of sleep every night. During sleep time, the body repairs cells, muscles, and tissue, and to get healthy skin and a masculine appearance, you must sleep well.

Now that you know what are the best products for skin care during winter season, you can choose from them wisely. So, go ahead and browse through the Garnier skincare products to upgrade your winter skincare ritual and revive your dull skin.